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How to Identify the Right Marketing Professionals for Your Team

How to Identify the Right Marketing Professionals for Your Team

New directions in marketing are being forged by shifts in consumer expectations and ever-increasing competition. Whether your organization is a startup or nationally recognized brand, the required acumen of an effective marketing team is the same. Great marketing talent possesses current insights, demonstrated skills, and loads of creativity that makes an impact in today’s dynamic, competitive environments.  

Even though the marketing world evolves every day, there are three priorities that remain evergreen in achieving immediate and ongoing success:  

  1. Strong Leadership: Teams need leaders who know company business goals inside out, use research and analytics to assess trends and opportunities, and collaborate with other department heads to create a solid marketing strategy based on informed, realistic expectations.  

  2. Innovative Technology: Proactive teams know the right platforms, technologies, and tactics for targeting customers and converting qualified prospects into buyers in specific markets. 

  3. Cohesive Team Members: Members of successful marketing teams work together as one to deploy the marketing strategy, build positive brand awareness, elevate the business, drive sales, and collaborate with other business units to continually enhance customer experience (CX). 

These priorities are all about identifying and onboarding the right people. Here are some key attributes to look for when hiring your next marketing professional.  

Traits and skillsets of successful marketers   

  • Strategic Thinking: CMOs, marketing directors, marketing strategists, and marketing managers who can see the big picture (understand the strategy and desired outcomes) are most effective in their roles. They align campaigns and all outreaches with the overarching goals of their companies.  
  • Creativity: High levels of creativity are a must for conceiving ideas and working with internal or external creative professionals in delivering innovative, memorable, and persuasive communications and marketing campaigns.  
  • Analytical Skills: Smart marketers conduct research and data analysis to uncover and understand customer buying behaviors and market trends. They have a solid understanding and command of digital marketing analytics to make informed decisions. Two examples are understanding key performance indicators (KPI) and using analytics tools to track campaign success. 
  • Customer and Prospect Understanding: Understanding the needs and behaviors of target audiences is essential to creating the right type of messaging. This understanding is also derived through research conducted with customers, prospects, or market research, and analysis and use of the findings in crafting messaging. 
  • Adaptability: The marketing environment is rapidly changing. Effective marketers eagerly anticipate changes in customer and market trends and are enthusiastic in adapting to change, adjusting their approaches, and conceiving more effective ideas, methods, and messaging. 
  • Project Management: Campaign coordination and execution are aided by strong project management skills. Without exception, experienced project managers are the glue and drivers of every component of a marketing campaign. 
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Data is used by sucessful marketers to guide their marketing efforts. This entails identifying patterns in performance data across marketing channels, assessing campaign metrics and success, and course correcting by making changes to improve outcomes of future marketing initiatives and campaigns. 
  • Storytelling: In marketing, the ability to tell a compelling story is essential to resonating with customers and prospects. Talented marketers pull this off with finesse to increase recall and strengthen the brand’s emotional connection with target audiences.  
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Knowledge: Knowing how to optimize content marketing is critical for achieving higher rankings in search engine results and achieving greater online visibility. 
  • Social Media Savvy: Experienced digital marketing professionals intimately understand content creation, social media marketing, and how to optimize content shared on social platforms, further raising search engine results and online visibility.

Consider working with a recognized marketing recruiter    

There are distinct advantages in partnering with an experienced recruiter who specializes in sourcing top-tier marketing and communications talent. Here are a few advantages for which the marketing recruiting experts here at Goodwin Recruiting are recognized:    

  • Deep Partnership Based on Collaboration: We genuinely care about our partnerships and show it by creating genuine alliances. Goodwin Recruiting provides market and talent acquisition intelligence, and desirable candidates, while enthusiastically seeking input, guidance on marketing needs, and feedback from clients along the way. We work closely with our clients’ in-house recruiters to ensure they secure top candidates for open positions. This is accomplished through open and transparent communication, which we believe is key to finding the right talent for each job opportunity. 
  • A Simple Process: We specialize in providing hiring companies with both contingency-based and retained search services to offer flexibility based on their needs, timeline, and budget, and to make the hiring journey with us easy and hassle-free. 
  • Substantial Time Savings: Partnering with Goodwin Recruiting eliminates the need for hiring managers to sort through hundreds or even thousands of resumes, and greatly simplifies the interview and hiring process. Our recruiters conduct all initial interviews and present companies with only the most qualified candidates for their open roles. We also take care of scheduling interviews between hiring companies and the candidates they choose to meet. 
  • Access to Passive Candidates: We give hiring managers access to a nationwide network of accomplished marketing candidates. These include marketing professionals who choose to work solely through us to protect confidentiality – a distinct advantage that ensures hiring managers have access to top talent that they cannot find on their own. 
  • DEI Expertise: Our recruiting team’s training and certifications in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are revolutionizing DEI conversations with heightened awareness, cutting-edge strategies, and impactful solutions that help hiring companies build stronger teams, expand their marketing vision and goals, and increase lead generation through untapped audiences.  
  • Proven Results: Our thorough talent sourcing and vetting processes give hiring companies a competitive edge in finding exceptional, long-term employees. We are expert marketing recruiters who place in-demand talent at every level of an organization, from the C-suite to executive- and senior-level positions, marketing directors, marketing specialists, marketing managers, data scientists and analysts, and all-important marketing project managers.   

Capture more market share in 2024! 

Reach out today and connect with an experienced marketing recruiter. Let us assist you in finding marketing professionals who can help you command the market presence you need for a new year of growth and advancement!