Our Proven Process

Here’s How We Source The Right Talent For Your Needs

Our Process

At Goodwin Recruiting, we are committed to delivering candidates who match your specific needs. Our sourcing process is designed to ensure no viable candidates slip through the cracks. For every single candidate we submit, hundreds of resumes have been reviewed, dozens of prescreens have been conducted, and the best matches have received full, live interviews by a recruiter who is an expert in your industry.

Here’s how we make it happen.

Get In Sync

Our recruiting team conducts a thorough meeting to learn every detail about your company, your hiring process, and your needs.

Clarify Process

Procedures for submitting candidates and clear timelines for transparent communication are agreed upon.

Begin Searches

Your Goodwin recruiters launch an intensive search using all sourcing methods plus our internal database. We review hundreds of resumes and select 25 to 50 candidates to prescreen.

Vet Candidates

Of the prescreened candidates, the best for your specific company are interviewed face to face or via webcam for a full hour.

Submit Candidates

Of the interviewed candidates, we select only those who are a match. We educate and excite them about your company.

Coordinate Interviews

Your recruiter handles the time-consuming coordination of interviews. We share candidate feedback and insights you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Expedite Hiring Process

We work hard to make sure the best candidates don’t get away. We facilitate smooth and timely recruiting measures as you and your team execute your hiring process.

Exchange Transparent Feedback

Your recruiter eagerly receives information about any hits or misses with candidates presented, interviewed, and placed.

Foster A Congruent Partnership

We take pride in delivering the most qualified and well-vetted candidates to you and being a true partner to your success.