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Busy HR professionals and many recruitment agencies for job seekers tasked with staffing repeatedly struggle to find the time to conduct a thorough and effective search. Meanwhile, the best jobs aren’t always advertised, which makes it hard to find the perfect position running a search on your own.

At Goodwin Recruiting, we establish deep, long-standing relationships with our clients across the country who rely on job seeker recruitment services to send them the best person for their open roles. That’s why we want to get to know you beyond just your resume, as a professional and a person. For us, it’s about making the right connection.

Other recruitment agencies for job seekers often miss the mark, but when your Goodwin recruiter says they’ve found a match for you, you can be confident that the interview will be well worth your time.

Our Commitment To Our Candidates

Our Commitment - Reach


We represent companies nationwide. Our clients rely on us to present the best candidates available for their exclusive job opportunities. The hiring company pays for all fees meaning there is no charge to any of our candidates.


We believe in meeting you face-to-face or via webcam whenever possible. We will conduct a comprehensive interview to get to know you, your skill set, your background, and unlike other recruitment agencies for job seekers, we strive to know all other important details that make your job search unique.

Our Commitment - Depth
Our Commitment - Support


We pride ourselves on our job seeker recruitment services and being partners with our candidates. For every candidate, we hand-tailor your search based on your career goals and specific areas of importance outlined by you. Once we schedule you to meet with a client, we will provide detailed information about the client and thoroughly prepare you for your interview.

The Benefits We Offer

Tailored searches, personalized to your unique skills, needs, and goals
Confidentiality at every step
Connections to jobs that aren’t posted to the public
Expert recruiters in your niche who know your value and negotiate on your behalf
A network of local recruiters across the country who know your market
Pre-interview coaching so you’ll be prepared to shine
Career advice and support when you want it and need it

Our team of recruiters operate with integrity and will always communicate with you transparently. Goodwin Recruiting always puts your career goals first. We are committed to your success.

Our Promise Image

Our Promise

To promptly return calls and communicate with you during each step of the process
To listen, understand, and communicate openly, honestly, and with complete candor
To always honor your confidentiality

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