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Our Core Values: Integrity in Everything We Do

Our Core Values - Integrity in Everything We Do

At Goodwin Recruiting, we’ve implemented seven core values that guide our decision-making and business practices. These core values are at the heart of everything we do, so much so that we review them at the start of every company meeting. Our team knows them inside and out and understands that sticking to our values is the key to success.  

While each core value is uniquely important, “Integrity in Everything We Do” is the principle that brought Eric Goodwin success, and the one upon which he founded Goodwin Recruiting. Integrity is the lens through which we interpret our other core values, and by which we stand out from the rest. In a world of other recruiting companies seeking to make quick placements and a quick buck, Goodwin Recruiting distinguishes itself through honest business practices that bring meaningful results to our clients and candidates.  

How Goodwin Recruiting practices “Integrity in Everything We Do” 

“Integrity in Everything We Do” means we make every decision with clients and candidates at heart. We look at each decision not as what is most profitable in that moment, but as what will bring success in the long-run, for everyone involved. 

Candidates trust us to match them with clients who reflect our values, and clients trust us to match them with candidates who do the same. We place a sharp focus on the clients who treat their employees with respect and equity, and on the candidates who bring their best to the table day in and day out. Matching these two worlds is what has helped us shape the long-term success we’ve found, year over year. 

Goodwin Recruiting Chief Operating Officer Scott Gaba sums it up best; “We value always doing what is right, fair, and honest. Whatever situation we are presented with, this is what guides our decision. If it’s the right, fair, and honest solution – that’s ultimately what we’re going to do.” 

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