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Finance plays a crucial role in keeping track of financial information, making sense of it, and using it to guide business decisions. It's essential for the smooth running of a company and for making sure everyone, both inside and outside the business, is on the same page. Companies in all industries need talented finance professionals to help them make smart decisions, stay financially sound, manage risks, and use resources wisely. So, recruiting the right finance experts is key to a company's success and long-term viability. If you want to find the best candidates, it's a strategic move to team up with experienced financial services recruiters. 

The hiring process doesn't always keep up with market trends. In simple terms, there aren't many candidates available, and there are many challenges when it comes to financial recruiting and staffing. During a talent shortage, finding specialized talent, from financial analysts and accountants to controllers, chief financial officers (CFOs), and finance directors, is tough. However, you don't have to settle for a less-than-perfect hire. Working with a financial services recruiter can speed up the hiring process, give you access to hidden opportunities, offer industry expertise, and provide support and guidance to both job seekers and employers. 

Streamlined Financial Recruitment Services

Hiring the right finance talent isn't just about filling positions; it's about securing the expertise needed to drive financial success, manage risks, and contribute to the overall health and growth of the company. Finance professionals have a far-reaching influence beyond the finance department, impacting various aspects of the organization's operations and strategic direction. Our financial services recruiters understand the nuances between the various positions and niches in the finance market. With finance positions being among the fastest-growing roles today, the team at Goodwin Recruiting is primed to swiftly and effectively handle your financial recruiting needs.

Finance Recruitment Services

Our experienced recruiters really get the ins and outs of financial job searches and can swiftly find skilled candidates to fill your roles. We use all sorts of recruiting strategies to pinpoint the right people for your finance positions in no time. With our recruiters spread all across the nation, we cover markets coast to coast and leave no stone unturned. When it comes to connecting with companies and candidates, our financial services recruiters focus on meaningful, collaborative, and straight-forward communication, making every step of the hiring process a success. Each candidate is carefully vetted to make sure they're a perfect match for your company's needs and your new hire's professional aspirations. 

At Goodwin Recruiting, we lead the way in finance recruitment by connecting with top industry professionals, staying on top of market trends, and searching nationally to find the ideal candidate for you. Our finance recruiters invest time up front to understand your company and goals. We attract top finance talent through trusted referrals and genuine connections, always prioritizing your needs with a respectful and discreet approach. With Goodwin Recruiting, it's all about building real, long-lasting partnerships. 

Areas Where Our Financial Services Recruiters Can Assit

For more than 25 years, companies have looked to Goodwin Recruiting when they need top qualified talent to grow their teams. With our extensive experience and successful history, we have a team of specialized industry-focused recruiters across the country who hire for various sectors in the finance industry. Below are some of the areas we serve when recruiting in financial services: 

  • Asset Management 
  • Wealth Management
  • Private Equity
  • Investment Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Hedge Funds
  • Financial Institutions
  • Fintech
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Client Services
  • Medical Billing
  • Non-Profits

Jobs We Help Fill

Qualified finance leaders are essential for a company's growth and survival in good and tough times. They help companies grow, manage money smartly, and steer through crises. But we all know it's tricky to find the right finance leader.  

Looking to build a solid finance team? We've got award-winning finance executive recruiters to help. Our team is diverse, with specialized executive recruiters and experienced subject matter experts in the finance industry. Goodwin Recruiting is your one-stop shop for finding top talent at every level of your organization. Here are some of the finance roles we have helped recruit for: 

  • CFOs
  • Compliance Officers 
  • Risk Management 
  • Managing Partners 
  • Corporate Finance Managers 
  • Directors of Finance 
  • Directors of Financial Operations 
  • Budget Analysts 
  • Budget Managers 
  • Controllers 
  • Comptrollers
  • Financial Analysts 
  • Financial Assurance Managers 
  • Internal Auditors
  • Loan Officers 
  • Revenue Cycle Managers
  • Senior Budget Analysts
  • Senior Cash Management Analysts 
  • Senior Financial Analysts 
  • Strategic Planners

How to Recruit for Finance Roles with Goodwin Recruiting

Finding the right finance and accounting candidates can be tough, but it's crucial for any business. You need a thoughtful strategy to spot and bring in candidates who have the right skills, qualifications, and culture for your company. When hiring for finance roles, it's important to clearly define the job requirements and understand what makes your company unique. This way, you can tailor your recruitment efforts to attract candidates who not only have the right expertise, but also share your company's values and vision. 

Our financial services recruiters really get what it takes to fill finance jobs. They know the right buzzwords, qualifications, and experiences that matter most. Their know-how helps them find and vet candidates super efficiently, which saves time and resources in the hiring process. With their industry smarts and connections, financial services recruiting firms can speed things up. This is especially awesome for key roles or when there's a big demand for finance talent. Recruiting for the financial industry isn't easy, so teaming up with financial recruiters is the strategic move. 

Remember that successful recruitment is an ongoing process. Adapting your approach based on feedback and market trends is really important for building a talented finance team. Our finance executive recruiters take a streamlined approach to recruiting for the finance industry, which can really help you build a strong team that drives long-term company success.  

Partner With A Top Financial Services Recruiting Firm

From sorting out job requirements to handling salary negotiations, we're here to make the hiring process smoother and faster for you. We help companies across different industries find the right people for their teams, whether it's in banking, investing, finance, or accounting. From understanding what you need to negotiating salaries, Goodwin Recruiting is here to make hiring easier and faster for you. 

Our partner recruiters work with financial institutions nationwide. We understand their staffing needs and are able to provide solutions. Building lasting relationships is our priority. At our company, we do more than just locate a skilled candidate and place them in a job. Its our priority to grasp your business's goals and our candidate’s career aspirations. By doing so, we are able to unite the two in a way that ensures a perfect match.

Whether you're hiring for a senior-level role or ready to make a move within the financial services industry, we're here to support you. Partner with our financial services recruiters today! 

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