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Using Recruiters to Paint Your Unique Hospitality Experience

Using Recruiters to Paint Your Unique Hospitality Experience By Brett Hume

The quest for excellence is taking new directions in the dynamic world of hospitality. We see it every day in talent recruiting. Owners and operators across all sectors of the hospitality business – from lodging to food and beverage, travel and tourism, and entertainment and recreation – are on a journey of evolution to create deeper, more memorable guest experiences and higher profitability.  

We also see what’s at the heart of it all, and that is the initiative of onboarding leaders, managers, and team members who possess not only exceptional skill sets, but also a deep understanding and alignment with an establishment’s unique business model and target clientele.  

Hospitality is first and foremost a people business. All the initiatives, investments, and advancements in the world cannot achieve desired ROI without passion, precision, and an unwavering commitment to service from an establishment’s employees – from hospitality management to front-line personnel.  

This article delves into the essence of a strategic talent recruitment process in the hospitality industry. It uncovers the critical differences a recruitment partner who specializes in hospitality recruiting can make through strong partnerships with hiring companies and top talent, each grounded in shared objectives. 

We know that hospitality is much more than a service  

Hospitality recruitment specialists understand that it is a true art form for companies to succeed in this competitive industry. We appreciate how establishments in the hospitality sector thrive in their unique abilities to create unforgettable customer experiences through meticulous attention to detail. They have top talent on their teams who weave passion, precision, and skill into every guest interaction.  

Excellence, therefore, is not merely a goal but the very fabric that creates ideal customer experiences 

Here’s a fact that should make hospitality companies feel encouraged and proud of the talent landscape they have created. In talent recruiting, we find that professionals with strong hospitality skills drive success in all industries. There are solid reasons for this. Whether we’re placing someone in a hospitality sector role or an entirely different industry, four leading hospitality industry skills and traits effectively transfer to any type of business:  

  1. A strong sense of urgency  
  2. Excellent listening skills 
  3. Humility, empathy, and genuine concern for others  
  4. The desire to deliver exceptional service to others   

Those are true leadership skills and traits, and at Goodwin Recruiting, we’re adept in recognizing them when screening professionals for key hospitality roles. Here are just a few reasons these professionals excel:  

  • They consistently provide timely communication. 
  • They act as the thread that connects guest expectations to exceptional service delivery. 
  • They understand the spoken needs of guests – and just as skillfully perceive unspoken needs. 
  • They respond with agility and empathy to enhance guest experiences.  

Such attentiveness, perceptiveness, and responsiveness set apart good service from exceptional service, making each interaction a testament to an establishment’s commitment to excellence. These are the qualities we seek out when screening candidates to present to clients for important open positions.  

Build teams that resonate with your vision   

Strategic hospitality recruitment transcends the mere act of filling job vacancies, which is nothing more than a transactional relationship. Our approach is different. We help clients grow through deep understanding and alignment with their goals – the cornerstone of our mutual success. Our goal is to help companies hire talent with track records of unlocking potential, transforming challenges into opportunities, and crafting guest experiences that customers cherish.  

The synergies between your team members and your company ethos are what transform a hospitality experience into an extraordinary journey for your guests. This is why our understanding of your company culture is paramount in our recruitment strategy. Equally relevant to our recruiting process are the ambience of your facilities and offerings, operational needs, and business goals. This is how we help you in onboarding the right talent, whose skills and values resonate with the vision and essence of your employer brand.  

For example, just as the careful arrangement of a dining area can elevate a meal into an experience, so too can a well-curated team enhance the full guest journey. As another example, we recognize that detailed preparations go on behind the scenes in every function of hospitality. This is why we’re selective in aligning the skill sets and values of job candidates with those of a hiring establishment’s needs, ensuring that new hires are not merely additions to the team but integral parts of a comprehensive and shared mission.  

Successful talent acquisition is about creating a seamless blend of skill sets, workplace culture, and vision.  

Stay ahead of the curve  

Our deep knowledge of market trends plays a crucial role in hospitality recruiting. Having a pulse on industry transformation informs our recruitment strategies to not only help clients meet current industry and customer expectations, but also anticipate and be prepared for future demands.  

A team that reflects the latest in hospitality trends, whether in culinary innovations, accommodation advancements, or operational and service-related technologies and automation, can significantly enhance guest satisfaction and overall guest experiences. These and other initiatives that are prioritized in talent acquisition help establishments remain at the forefront of their hospitality sectors. 

Navigate new dynamics with agility and ease   

Hospitality is an arena of constant change. Adaptability and resilience are paramount in dealing with challenges, from fluctuating guest numbers and bookings to unforeseen staffing needs. A talent acquisition strategy must be just as dynamic and responsive as the industry itself.  

As mentioned, a great recruiting partnership extends beyond initial talent placement. It showcases the true art of strategic recruitment, meaning that your recruiting partner is at your side for continuous analysis, adaptation, evolution, and ensuring key positions are always filled, contributing to consistent, flawless performance. This agility ensures that you not only survive but thrive, seamlessly weaving competent people into the fabric of your team and taking full advantage of growth opportunities. 

Be selective in choosing a recruiting partner  

Excellence is a continuous journey, and every hiring decision plays a crucial role in overall performance. 

Strategic partnerships in talent recruiting have become a transformative force in hospitality, grounded in understanding, alignment, and pursuit of growth. In a true spirit of partnership, establishments and good talent recruiting partners take time to evaluate successes, identify areas for improvement and higher levels of performance, reduce turnover rates, increase top talent retention, and improve overall talent acquisition initiatives.  

There is a difference between merely hiring a recruiting firm and building a relationship with one that specializes in hospitality recruiting and is dedicated to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships. The latter helps establishments achieve a level of excellence that exceeds today’s guest expectations, creating memorable experiences that last a lifetime. 

Connect with me for access to top-tier talent  

I am a senior talent recruiting partner with Goodwin Recruiting. Please contact me at any time for assistance in helping you build the best team in the business with the right talent for your organization and company culture.  

Here are some of the hospitality staffing areas we specialize in:   

  • Restaurant Staffing 
  • Hotel Staffing 
  • Resort Management 
  • Contract Food Service Management 
  • Event Management 
  • Country Club Management 
  • Cruise Ship Staffing 
  • Beverage Management 
  • Nightclub Management 
  • Catering Staffing 
  • Casino Staffing 
  • Corporate and Campus Dining Staffing 
  • Entertainment and Theater Management 

We recruit top talent for these and many other roles in the hospitality sector:  

  • Directors of Operations  
  • District Managers  
  • General Managers  
  • Restaurant Managers  
  • Assistant Managers  
  • Executive and C-Suite Professionals  
  • Finance & Accounting Staff  
  • Human Resources Staff  
  • Marketing Staff  
  • Executive Chefs  
  • Sous Chefs  
  • Private Chefs  
  • Kitchen Managers  
  • Event Managers  
  • Front Desk Managers  
  • Directors of Sales  
  • Food & Beverage Managers  
  • Sommeliers  
  • Facilities Managers  
  • Concierges  
  • Office and Administrative Staff