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The Top 7 Books for Job Seekers

Michelle Gaba | | September 8, 2020

The Top 7 Books for Job Seekers

Does your job search have you yearning for a true career path? A career is so much more than merely a job. Working on a career, unlike finding a job, is a lifetime quest. Building a career requires devotion, both to yourself and to the work that you do. Creating a career involves grit, as it is not always simple to locate fulfilling work while climbing your way up the rungs of the career ladder. And these days, many career paths do not appear in the form of a ladder at all, but rather like a long and squiggly road.

Career building requires smart thinking about the type of life you want to lead, about your skills and desires, and about the kind of work that will provide you with joy and fulfillment.

Are you looking for guidance and inspiration when it comes to forming and maneuvering your own career path? Though just the tip of the iceberg, below is a list of some of the best career books to get you started on the right foot, or back on track, as you summit ‘Mount St. Success.’ Please allow me to be your Sherpa — now, onward hike!

Let’s begin our ascent through the following great books:

The Third Door, by Alex Banayan 

“The Third Door” is the result of an 18-year-old’s five-year adventure seeking out the world’s most successful businesspeople and superstars to uncover how they successfully launched their incredible careers. You will excitedly turn the pages, learning the daring tales author Alex Banayan recounts. During all his adventures and encounters, he learned that the one thing all of these wildly successful people had in common is that they took the “third door.” They did not wait in line and refused to buy their way into the “nightclub” of success. They barged their way in through a commitment to labor and great determination. You will learn how to build a network when you’re just beginning your career, how to best reach out to someone online, and how to rebound from rejection, learning from some of the greatest minds in the country. 

Rising Strong, by Brené Brown
After speaking with Fortune 500 owners, teachers, military leaders, and more, Brené Brown provides deep insights into how you can conquer whatever lies in your past. No matter if you’ve been fired, laid off, or have spent twenty-plus years in the wrong career, Brown contends that your story isn’t over until you write the ending. This book will put a fire in your belly to rise strong! 

Good to Great, by Jim Collins
Once you get an interview, it is essential that you can speak the boss’ language. This classic business title controls many management decisions — conscious or not. Go beyond appearing competent to having a solid comprehension of how to make an organization thrive. Show companies that you have a strategic plan and a vision that can help them revamp from good to great, and you just may outsmart that ‘yes man’ who’s interviewing right after you.

Whatever You Are, Be a Good One, by Lisa Congdon
This book promises to be a pick-me-up when your job search seems to last longer than you anticipated or leads to more questions than answers. If you’re feeling down, this book offers a bit of optimism and inspiration. With hand-lettered quotes like “Wisdom begins in wonder,” you’ll be reminded of the crucial things in life (beyond resumes). It will gently nudge you to remember why you’re looking for a new path.

Presence, by Amy Cuddy
When you shift beyond a phone interview to an in-person meeting, it’s crucial to exhibit your best self. Amy Cuddy explains how to do everything from acing an interview to having a difficult heart-to-heart conversation with confidence and transparency. This book teaches straightforward power poses you can use in your daily life to tap into your personal power, or presence, so you can be the very best version of yourself when it counts.

The 2-Hour Job Search, by Steve Dalton
The extraordinary wonders of the world wide web let us do everything from ordering daily essentials to catching up with friends in wiser, quicker ways, so why not include the job search process. In his book, Dalton shows job seekers how to work smarter (and faster) to secure first interviews. He offers an exact method for productively turning outsiders into advocates, guiding you to more internal referrals and more job interviews. He proposes an alternative to forever applying to online job postings by turning networking into a productive strategy.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, by Gary Vaynerchuck
Hit them with your best shot! Possibly, your search strategy is less “apply for all” and more “lure them into coming to me.” In this book, Gary Vaynerchuck, social-media expert, details marketing strategies that attract the “right people,” whether those are candidates, buyers, clients, or future managers. It will help you go beyond spit-shining your LinkedIn profile to being known for the expert content you consistently share on your social media channels.

Ready to turn the page to an exciting new chapter in your professional life?

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