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Our Core Values: Keep It Simple

Our Core Values - Keep it Simple

“See it big, and keep it simple.” – Wilferd Peterson 

You’ve probably heard the rocks, pebbles, and sand story. In a nutshell, if you pour sand into a jar, then pebbles, then rocks – there’s no way everything will fit! But if you start with the rocks, then onto the pebbles, then the sand – the pebbles will fill the gaps between the rocks, and the sand will fill the gaps between the pebbles – until it all fits perfectly. 

In that manner, we work to keep it simple and prioritize what’s most important, first and foremost.  

For clients: How can we provide the best candidates possible to positively impact their business? 

For candidates: How can we prepare them to showcase their talents, land their dream job, and change the trajectory of their life in an extraordinary way?  

For our recruiting partners: How can we best support them, therefore providing more time and energy in their day to support clients and candidates? 

When we keep it simple and stay laser-focused on the big picture, we find the rest falls into place and allows us to have the most significant overall impact.