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Finance executive recruiters are key players when it comes to helping businesses. They bring specialized talent acquisition expertise that contributes to the overall success of the organization. These specialized professionals have an in-depth understanding of the finance industry, knowing the specific roles, functions, and required skills needed to excel in the role. Their expertise enables them to pinpoint finance leaders with the right experience for the job. Our recruiters specialize in finding and attracting CFOs, VPs, Controllers, Directors, and management-level finance professionals across a wide range of industries. 

At Goodwin recruiting, we understand just how crucial this search is, and we’re here to customize a retained search option to find the perfect candidate swiftly. Our knack for identifying the right candidates can speed up the hiring process, saving time and resources for both employers and employment seekers. With the expertise of our finance executive search firm, you can elevate your talent acquisition processes, attract top candidates, and ultimately build a strong and capable team to take your company to the next level. 

Looking for the right finance executives for your company? Our experienced finance executive recruiters customize their approach to match your business’s unique needs and goals. They can create tailored recruitment strategies that support your hiring objectives and drive the overall success of your organization. Reach out to Goodwin Recruiting today to get started! 

Our Recruiting Team Includes Specialists In:

Risk Management
Financial Reporting
Corporate Finance
Management Accounting

Recruiting finance executives can be tough for a few reasons. The unique requirements and characteristics associated with executive-level positions in the finance industry present some challenges. That’s where our experienced finance executive recruiters come in. They specialize in finding and attracting top-level finance talent, making it easier for organizations to navigate the complexities of executive-level recruitment and increase the chances of successful placements. 

At Goodwin, we’re all about connecting skilled professionals with the right positions. It’s not just about skills – we also make sure everyone vibes with the company culture. Our finance recruitment firm collaborates with your hiring managers to truly grasp your company, from values to work environment. This way, we ensure that our candidates bring both the skills and the right attitude to the table. 

If you’re looking for proven success in recruiting top talent, look no further. Our finance executive recruiters know the importance of matching candidates with company objectives, minimizing risks, and maximizing long-term success. Reach out to Goodwin’s recruiting team today to see how our finance and accounting recruiters can make a real difference for your business or career. 

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Positions We Fill

Chief Financial Officers
Interim CFOs
Chief Accounting Officers
VPs of Finance
Directors of Finance

Staff Accountants
Senior Accountants
Corporate Accountants
Accounting Managers

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Our finance executive recruiters are aware of market trends, salary benchmarks, and industry updates. This allows them to provide valuable advice to both employers and candidates, ensuring it’s a win-win situation for everyone. We excel at locating, assessing, and placing executive-level talent. Our talent for identifying the right leaders can streamline the hiring process, bringing ease to employers and job-seekers alike. 

We’re all about being the best at what we do here at Goodwin Recruiting. We aim to make every interaction inspiring and memorable, while truly excelling at enhancing our clients’ businesses and changing candidates’ lives. Partner with us today and let’s make amazing things happen!