To Succeed in Sales, Build Trust in Your Local Market

My background is in the medical space, primarily with medical device sales in many different arenas –  hospitals, wound care, respiratory products, life safety equipment, operating rooms, ICU, rehab facilities, senior living communities – you name it. If it relates to medical devices, I have concentrated experience in working with people who manage the marketing, distribution, purchasing, and use of these solutions in their fields, from sales and territory managers to C-Suite decision makers, Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Infection Control, Product Evaluation and Standardization committees, GPOs, Buying Groups and more.  

This experience was invaluable in building relationships when I shifted my career into talent recruiting, which is also focused on the healthcare industry and a specialized form of sales in itself. During my tenure in both capacities, I’ve learned a few things. Customer trust is everything, and the key to success is in building solid relationships with existing and potential customers in your local market and becoming a trusted advisor.  

People buy from people they like, respect, and trust 

Knowing the importance of trusting relationships is one thing. Demonstrating it is another. It reaches far beyond marketing strategy and being a reliable sales rep who is good at fulfilling orders. A great customer journey involves having meaningful interactions with real people, face-to-face meetings to nail down important details, informative and supportive phone calls, and high-quality messaging that reinforces your commitment to answering customer needs. 

So, I wanted to share some examples and testimonials showing how building trust has made a difference in my clients’ success, and in my career in sales.  

Success story 1  

Some of the medical devices I sold were quite expensive, as you might imagine. And with stringent installation processes and approvals required by each state, there is a lot of opportunity for something to go wrong (which ultimately leads to a higher end-price). My goal was to always come in with a fair quote for the client, one that anticipated unforeseen regulatory issues, but that was also competitive and trustworthy. I was also committed to supporting the client throughout and beyond the sales cycle. Whether in sales, talent recruiting, or any other field, you have to “say what you mean and mean what you say” – to have integrity and to build a name in your local marketplace that people will come to appreciate, rely on, and trust. That’s what creates your success now and for years to come.  

Success story 2  

I worked with the Director of Anesthesia for a large county hospital for some time. It was a mutually beneficial relationship in which I was committed to looking out for his best interests and that of his organization. I ended up leaving the company, but before doing so, the Director took my wife and me out to dinner. Even though we would no longer be working together under the same circumstances, his gesture was a clear indication that the door remained open to working together again in the future. In business and in life, success is all about building trust and good relationships!   

How you know when you’re doing it right  

A spirit of partnership is so important, no matter if you’re the seller or buyer – especially today, where competition for business opportunities and professional advancement is higher than ever. In trusting relationships, you invariably get affirmations from clients and colleagues that your high-quality level of service goes above and beyond the norm.  

When positive reviews happen, the proof of trustworthiness, loyal customers, and evidence of a great customer experience make challenges worthwhile and success much sweeter. If I’m having a rough day, I remind myself of these words from clients and colleagues and they keep me going. 

Testimonial 1  

“Mitch understands sales processes and, with an attention to detail, delivers results through his teamwork. He is a reliable, task-oriented and energetic manager. He lives by the motto: ‘Plan your work and work your plan.’”   

Testimonial 2  

“Many of your peers commented about how much they benefitted from your experience. I was greatly impressed with your expertise, knowledge, poise, and professionalism.”   

Testimonial 3 

“His organizational skills and product knowledge were second to none. Mitch was one of the hardest working representatives we have ever had. He routinely exceeded our corporate standards of performance for call count, product evaluations, and in service presentations.”   

Testimonial 4 

“I am highly impressed with his professionalism, service, responsiveness, and attention to detail. He was not just in it for the sale, but for the service and a long-term relationship.”   

I value each of these testimonials, and particularly the last one, because this client was 100% right about what really drives me. People matter. Their needs matter. When this is how we work and serve, we know we’re not just in it for the sale – and so does everybody else!  

Be a difference-maker!  

Being successful is about building trust with clients in our local markets and upholding values, which means doing what’s best for them in every way that we can. When we make this our focus, combined with our subject matter expertise, our personal and professional brands grow and shine. We create successful sales, satisfied customers, referrals, new customers, and meaningful friendships in the process.  

Whether you are a hiring employer with key talent needs, a professional looking for your next opportunity in healthcare, or an entrepreneur considering a career in talent recruiting, consider partnering with a trustworthy recruiting firm. Goodwin Recruiting specializes in talent recruitment for the healthcare industry and many other industries, and we would love to help you succeed and grow.