Looking for a Career Change? Here is Why You Should Consider a Career in Hospitality Recruiting

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Certain job skills are highly adaptable and provide opportunities for career transitions. For example, tax debt resolution specialists are usually former IRS agents. Many private detectives once served as police officers. People who know the ins and outs of an industry can use their skills in a variety of ways. When it comes to a career in hospitality recruiting, former managers and operations professionals often end up being the top performers.

With that in mind, here are compelling reasons to consider a career in hospitality recruiting.

1. Great Income

People in hospitality management and operations can certainly earn competitive wages. But the industry’s best recruiters often enjoy even more lucrative incomes. Recruiting positions provide uncapped commissions, which can add up!

The work isn’t easy, and many people aren’t well suited for daily stress. However, motivated candidates with an industry background and strong work ethic can find great success. Interested professionals must honestly assess their goals and resilience.

2. Work Flexibility

One benefit of a career in hospitality recruiting is work flexibility. Recruiters work hard to earn their commissions, but the tasks can often be completed remotely via email and with a mobile phone. Some agencies may want workers to come into the office, but many are very open to the idea of telecommuting.

Also, some recruiters can work non-traditional hours—especially if they’re targeting a different time zone. A dad who wishes to pick up his child from school in the late afternoon may work a 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. schedule, for example. Or perhaps a recruiter caring for an aging parent is given the flexibility to start her day a bit later.

3. Job Satisfaction

Hospitality managers and operations professionals who feel their day to day is becoming too predictable may be interested to know that a career in hospitality recruiting is anything but dull. There are some repetitive tasks, like scouring candidate profiles and sending emails. But the excitement of making placements and earning commissions is unmatched in most careers.

4. Growth Opportunities

One little-known fact about the recruiting business is there are many growth opportunities for high achievers. Some successful recruiters get promoted to team-lead roles. Others may transition into account management, with a focus on securing and nurturing lucrative client accounts.

5. Parting Thoughts

Ultimately, career-focused people find success by keeping their options open. While working in hospitality management and operations is satisfying for many professionals, the experience also affords other pursuits. A career in hospitality recruiting may prove very fulfilling to the right industry veteran seeking change.

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