Looking For a New Opportunity? Learn About the Top Traits Needed To Become a Manufacturing Recruiter

Manufacturing Recruiter

It seems everybody is talking about today’s amazing job market and the implications for workers and businesses. But there’s another little-discussed benefit that’s worth serious consideration. Now’s a great time for somebody seeking to secure her first manufacturing recruiter position! 

Recruiting can be very rewarding, both financially and professionally. But as with any serious job, it’s not for everyone. Honest people must objectively analyze their background and skillsets to determine if they have what it takes to be successful in the staffing industry. 

Here are the top traits needed by anybody aspiring to work as a manufacturing recruiter. 

Industry Knowledge 

Truthfully, the recruiting skillset is somewhat universal across all industries. So, someone can be a successful manufacturing recruiter even if they lack industry experience. But first-hand engineering and manufacturing knowledge is certainly helpful. A manufacturing recruiter with hands-on experience speaks the language of her candidates and clients, which can provide a big leg up on the competition!   

Work Ethic  

Recruiting isn’t easy! In fact, somrecruiters quit before their first work anniversary. But those who stick it out and start making placements can quickly build steam. As with most good things in life, success in recruiting takes hard work.  

Creative Thinking 

The best recruiters are people with the ability to creatively solve problems. Some people envision staffing as a very black-and-white endeavor, in which workers are matched with jobs based purely on experience and credentials. But the reality is much different. Truthfully, there’s no such thing as the “perfect candidate.” 

Recruiting is a highly subjective exercise. Those who can creatively plead their case to hiring managers as to why certain workers are great candidates will secure the most placements. The best performers can look past superficial traits and work to see the bigger picture.  

Sales Acumen  

Manufacturing recruiters are essentially salespeople. Therefore, the transition comes very naturally to folks who possess both a manufacturing background and a desire to hustle for commission-based compensation. A more introverted person probably won’t excel in the role regardless of his experience or technical knowledge 

On the other hand, a mediocre engineer with a likable personality and ability to connect with others may be just the ticket for success! He knows enough about the industry to relate to his candidates and clients. But he’s also persuasive enough to complete the sale!  

Money Motivated  

As already discussed, recruiting is a challenging, sales-oriented job. Some people will fail in the pursuit. But those who succeed typically earn lucrative incomes. Such is the tradeoff. 

People who aren’t money motivated are likely to burn out in the position prior to achieving success. A manufacturing recruiter earns impressive commissions when making placements. But pay is typically structured so that big rewards are contingent upon big results. In other words, the base salaries usually won’t compete with those of engineers  


If you’re a knowledgeable engineer or manufacturing professional, now may be a great time to consider making the leap over to recruiting! Companies are in need of qualified candidates, and outside sourcing agencies have plenty of work. But the job isn’t for the faint of heart! Only those who possess the right work ethic and personality traits will succeed as a manufacturing recruiter. 

Opportunity awaits

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