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Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day? 

Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day_

Ah, Labor Day. The unofficial end-of-summer holiday. Time for the kids to return to school and for the always-welcome three-day weekend. But what is the true meaning and history behind the holiday? 

How Labor Day Came to Be 

The first Labor Day was celebrated in 1882 in New York City. In the 1800s, working 60-70 hours and 6-7 days a week was commonplace. In many cases, those long work weeks combined with questionable working conditions helped prompt the American labor movement and recognition of the significant impact laborers have here in the United States. Labor Day was first recognized as a Federal Holiday in 1894 and is celebrated on the first Monday of September.  

What Labor Day Looks Like Today 

Things have changed over the years, and Labor Day weekend has taken on different meanings, primarily geared towards the traditional end of summer.  

  • The final days at the beach and pool 
  • The end of summer barbecues 
  • Time for the kids to go back to school and start an exciting new year 
  • Labor Day parades 
  • Cooler weather, fall sports, and Halloween 
  • And of course, we can’t forget all those great Labor Day sales for cars, furniture, and clothes 

A Day to Celebrate 

Whatever you partake in this Labor Day weekend, let’s all celebrate and be thankful for the many achievements of American workers – everything we have strived for and what we continue working to achieve. 

Happy Labor Day!