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Reignite the Flame in Great Job Candidates

Reignite the Flame in Great Job Candidates

I’m often asked how to be a successful recruiter, about my talent recruiting habits, and how to approach a candidate for a job. Those are loaded questions requiring a book to answer, so I frequently default to sharing examples, which are excellent teachers. This is one of the best examples I can give.  

Talent recruiters and hiring managers are beacons of hope for job seekers wanting a better job opportunity, a healthier work environment, or an all-new career path. In this blog, I explore the essence of an unshakable spirit in recruiting and how talent recruiters and hiring managers can use this fiery zeal to help transform the thinking of people who are job hunting while carrying triumphs but also hardships into their new job searches. 

We see this a lot in talent recruiting – extinguished flames that once burned bright. I believe it’s a big part of our job to recognize and reignite those flames, to nurture resilience and give new life to weary or disillusioned professionals. Here’s how I work with candidates who need to refuel.  

Look for the glowing embers – one candidate at a time  

As much as job candidates try to put their best foot forward during the interview process, the wear, tear, and even scars they’ve racked up on the job can seep through. Past experiences shape people, and it’s hard to shake off detrimental impacts on confidence and self-esteem. Some candidates give too much weight to negative experiences and it dampens their outlooks, hopes, and aspirations.  

Left to their own mental devices, stuck in the past, the most brilliant and competent candidates can defeat themselves and their dreams. They truly need us to help retool their thoughts and ways of thinking. We can do this with understanding and especially with empathy, which allows us meet job candidates where they are and then elevate them with objectivity about who they really are through our professionally trained eyes and ears.  

If we use the following approaches with such candidates, the end goal is priceless – for them and for us. 

Help candidates reawaken their own unshakable spirit   

A resolute spirit is like the fire in a lion’s heart. It shines brightly even in the dark, providing courage and conviction to move forward. This inner power guides people onward and strengthens tenacity in the face of what-ifs, difficulties, and past disappointments. 

Talent recruiters and hiring managers can rekindle this fire by asking candidates about their proudest moments and achievements, both personal and professional, making a point to acknowledge the traits they possess that led them to win those victories. These are the most telling marks of their character!  

Stories of people exhibiting an unshakable spirit in the face of adversity and tragedy have been told countless times throughout history. These tales exemplify resilience, drive, and an unbreakable spirit – from Nelson Mandela’s perseverance during his 27 years of imprisonment, followed by becoming South Africa’s first Black president at 75, to Malala Yousafzai’s bravery in advocating for girls’ education in Pakistan despite death-defying threats, and who became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate at 17. 

But a steadfast spirit doesn’t just reside within the unusual or makers of world history. It’s inside everyone, waiting to be kindled, rekindled, and nourished. Even when the road ahead looks difficult, it’s this inner fire that drives people to pursue goals in the face of burnout, past challenges, current job dissatisfaction, and future uncertainty.  

This is what job searches are all about. A steadfast spirit is good for mental health, which makes a huge difference in responding well to interview questions during job interviews and in the hiring process. It can also keep job seekers going strong through uncertain times. Let us help them reawaken their fortitude and strength to face and move past obstacles, grow from mistakes, heal from unjust treatment, and emerge ever stronger. 

Developing an unshakable spirit requires relentless confidence  

An unshakable spirit is a trait that people develop into a best friend. The secret to helping job candidates shift into this spirit is to feed their inner fires. Remind them of the tenacity, passion, fortitude, and track record that brought them thus far. Remind them how essential it is to surround themselves with positive people who support their progress, even in the face of adversity. 

Tell them that anyone can overcome hardship, summon the bravery to pursue their aspirations, and be resilient enough to reach their own definition of greatness – with an unwavering spirit. Encourage job candidates to challenge themselves every day, to embrace the power and fire within, and to be unyielding in striving for success. These keys will lead to achieving their goals and living out their passions. 

Most important, help job candidates understand this remarkable trait by highlighting its components. It’s so much easier for them to flip the switch when they know what to do – and exactly how it matters.  

Top 5 elements of an unwavering spirit    

1. Unwavering Resilience: An unwavering spirit is characterized by resilience – the ability to bounce back from setbacks, pivot and adapt to change, and thrive-not-survive in the face of adversity. Resilience enables individuals to withstand challenges and setbacks, learn from them, and emerge stronger than they were before.  

2. Optimism: A positive outlook and optimism in general are crucial components of an unwavering spirit. Maintaining a hopeful attitude, even in difficult circumstances, helps individuals persevere and maintain their motivation toward achieving their goals. 

3. Perseverance: Choosing an “I can, I will, I must” outlook on life is essential to an unwavering spirit. Maintaining a can-do attitude helps people stay motivated to achieve their goals and navigate difficult circumstances with a solid belief that they will experience a successful outcome.  

4. Courage: An unwavering spirit is typified by the passionate determination to press on and move steadily forward despite fears, insecurities, obstacles, disappointments, or past defeats. Guts, grit, and determination allow people to meet challenges head-on and stay dedicated to objectives.  

5. Adaptability: Last but equally important, adaptability is a crucial quality of an unshakable spirit. It represents the capacity to welcome new opportunities, as well as change with the times or during unforeseen circumstances. This is about being flexible, which is every bit as powerful in helping people overcome obstacles and maneuver through unpredictable situations, identify innovative solutions, and take advantage of surprising growth opportunities that arise. 

Share these keys with candidates and how combining them into their daily habits will foster growth and resilience and help them maintain an unshakable spirit. Those who show resilience, optimism, courage, perseverance, and flexibility have tremendous strength to overcome challenges, flourish in the face of adversity, resolutely pursue objectives – and discover how truly great they can be.   

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As a senior talent recruiting partner with Goodwin Recruiting, and a career coach, I strive to incorporate these elements into my daily recruiting strategies. After all, it’s good to take our own advice! I strongly believe the key to success for anyone in talent recruiting and hiring is the value we bring to the table, including and especially our ability to inspire and empower others to bring their best selves every day. 

Please feel free to get in touch with me with any questions or for more tips on effective recruitment, and I’d be honored to assist when you need the right people for your team. And if you’re a professional who is ready to reignite the flame within and explore new job opportunities, I’m here for you in a big way, too.