Josh Pace

Josh Pace

Senior Recruiting Partner

Pinnacle Billers Gold Member

Tallahassee, FL

Josh Pace

Areas Of Specialty

I have a passion for service. Always have. As an operator for 20+ years in the hospitality industry, I’ve learned that service must be part of your DNA to be successful. I take that same approach to recruiting. I treat my candidates as if we’re on the same team striving to achieve a common goal. For my clients, they will never receive a candidate from me that I wouldn’t hire for my own restaurant.

Josh Pace joined Goodwin Recruiting in October 2012. He worked in private clubs, hotels, resorts, and fine dining restaurants under such brands as ClubCorp, Marriott, and Shula’s Steak Houses, with some additional experience with independents and as an owner.

Josh grew up living in several parts of the country as a military kid but spent most of his time in the Southeast and Midwest.

He graduated from Florida State University’s Hospitality Program.

Most of Josh’s free time is spent outdoors as an avid sportsman and golfer. He also has a passion for music and has played, off and on, in several bands over the years.

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