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Promoting Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Promoting Mental Health Awareness

I’m writing today to shed light on an important topic that much too often gets overlooked in life, and specifically the workplace: Mental Health Awareness. While we all strive to excel in our jobs, it’s essential to recognize that mental health plays a significant role in our overall well-being and productivity.

First and foremost, I appreciate employers who emphasize mental health in the workplace. Their efforts to create a supportive environment truly make a difference for each of their employees. For those who are already doing a great job as well as for those who may just be starting to explore this conversation, there’s always room to continue progress in promoting mental health awareness. Did you know that 57.8 million people are affected by mental health each year? That means every fifth person you encounter in your daily life is impacted by mental health in some way. Many of whom may be employees silently struggling due to fear or stigma, and perhaps limited resources.


My Personal Experience

Five years ago, just after having my newborn, I found that juggling the demands of work and family life were quickly becoming overwhelming. With my maternity leave ending, my husband’s abrupt change to a night shift schedule, and my mom (who we leaned on heavily for childcare) having to go out of state to help my sister – I felt all the weight of responsibility bearing down on me. Managing hormones due to pregnancy, stress from my management role, and childcare logistics left me feeling anxious and stretched thin.

Fortunately, I had a compassionate and understanding boss who listened to my concerns. Instead of just offering a mental health day, he went above and beyond by providing me with a flexible work arrangement until my mom returned, which was a lifeline for me. His support during this challenging time was truly appreciated, and I’m grateful for his awareness of employee mental health and genuine care for my well-being.

Having a compassionate leader like that can make all the difference. When you build a company culture where leaders truly care about employee well-being, and an environment that incorporates good mental health and a healthy workplace as part of decision-making, you’ll find a huge improvement with workplace culture and productivity – not to mention employees that will stay with you for years to come. That kind of company culture is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to job satisfaction.


Compassionate Leaders Make a Difference

If you’re looking to be a compassionate and supportive leader like the one I experienced right when I needed it, here are some actionable ways you can work to promote mental health awareness for your team:

1. Ask for Feedback and Invite Open Communication: Create a culture where employees feel comfortable discussing their mental health concerns openly and without fear of judgment. Encourage managers to check in regularly with their team members and offer support when needed.

2. Provide Resources and Support: Offer access to mental health resources such as counseling services, employee assistance programs (EAPs), and online mental health resources.

3. Promote Work-Life Balance: Encourage employees to prioritize their well-being by promoting work-life balance initiatives. This could include setting reasonable work hours, limiting after-hours emails, and encouraging employees to take regular breaks throughout the day.

4. Set a Positive Example: Take the time to prioritize your own mental health, so that your team sees you as an example and feels comfortable to do the same. If possible, allow your team to work remotely – whether for a couple days a month, a couple days a week, or more. Take an afternoon off to spend time in nature. Look after your own physical health. The better you take care of your body and your mind, the better you can take care of and support your team.

5. Build a Strong Team: Make sure you have a strong and supportive group of leaders who create the right company culture. Leaders who are compassionate but firm, who can get the job done while being aware of workplace stress and employee mental health.


Together, we can break the stigma surrounding mental health and offer a more compassionate and understanding environment for all employees, without fear of judgement. If you find yourself looking to hire the right managers to build a supportive culture or to learn more about what our clients are finding success with in creating positive cultures and flexible work environments, reach out today.