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How Working Remotely Has Impacted My Mental Health

How Working Remotely Has Impacted My Mental Health (1)

As someone who has struggled with my mental health and burnout in the past, it is extremely important for me to put healthy habits into practice every day and stick to a routine. Working remotely with Goodwin Recruiting gives me the flexibility to avoid burnout by working in my own space and organizing my workday in ways that increase productivity.

I want to share my experiences with other working professionals right now because World Mental Health Day is recognized on October 10. If you or someone you know struggles with their mental health or burnout, choosing a job that offers remote work arrangements might be a step in a positive direction. Working from home dramatically increased during the pandemic and while the numbers have decreased, jobs for remote workers still abound. Remote work is not going away. 

Here are some known benefits and related statistics:  

  1. The average worker saves 70 minutes of daily commuting time by working from home, which reduces stress and improves well-being. “Remote work is associated with greater feelings of control,” said Tammy Allen, a distinguished university professor in Psychology at the University of South Florida. “And that’s really powerful, because it’s one of the fundamental human needs, that we have some kind of control over our lives.”
  2. survey conducted last year by Cisco among 28,000 full-time employees around the globe revealed the majority of respondents (78%) said remote and hybrid work improved their overall well-being.
  3. In May 2023, a survey was conducted among more than 5,600 working professionals about their attitudes toward remote and hybrid work. While decreased stress was the top health benefit (48%) of specifically working remotely, respondents cited many other health-related benefits of working remotely:   
    • 36% Less burnout 
    • 35% Healthier food choices 
    • 34% Reduced anxiety and depression 
    • 33% Improved overall mental health 
    • 32% Improved sleep 
    • 30% Increased exercise 
    • 28% Improved overall physical health 
    • 23% Improved personal relationships  

My personal journey  

I transitioned to a remote role with Goodwin Recruiting as their social media manager almost a year ago. Making the transition to a fully remote position required some adjusting after working full-time in an office but it was, by far, the best decision for my life and well-being.   

Almost immediately, I began to realize that working from home was the better option for me. These are some of the most positive and meaningful ways working remotely has impacted my mental health and self-care habits, enabling me to sustain a happy and healthy everyday state of mind and a great work-life balance…  

  1. Lower stress levels: Working remotely reduces stress in several ways. I get to work in a comfortable, peaceful, and quiet space with no distractions. A calm environment is also helpful when making calls and joining meetings, with no worries about background noise or unexpected interruptions that are inherent in an office environment.
  2. More time for a healthier routine: By not commuting to an in-office location, I have extra time at both the start and end of my days (two hours each day!) to fit healthy habits into my daily routine. Some of these habits include eating a full breakfast instead of a coffee-on-the-go and going to the gym or taking a walk after work. Time savings filled with good habits ensure better mental and physical health, and make the most of my work hours.
  3. A comfortable and satisfying personal space: Working remotely allows me to customize my dedicated workspace in ways that work best for me – and it’s so much more than just visual appeal. In my home office, I can play music while working on projects, light a candle, and adjust the thermostat to my liking. I take pride and comfort in decorating the way I want to, which makes me enjoy my surroundings as I work.

Working from home in my own space, a work environment I created and control, has been incredible for my mental health and personal life. It allows me to focus on my work, which I truly love, instead of spending hours commuting or deciding what to pack for lunch every day. I have time to set myself up for success by setting my own schedule and being more productive.

Are you ready for a break from the office? 

If you feel like remote work is the right next move for your life, career, and mental well-being, let Goodwin Recruiting help you take your next step! Check out the remote jobs on our job board today 

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