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Communication is Key: How to Change Bad Habits to Better Your Restaurant Management Team

Communication is Key - How to Change Bad Habits

Strong communication skills are important attributes for all managers. However, they are even more relevant in the chaotic and fast-moving hospitality environment. Regardless of experience level, any restaurant management team can work to improve their communication.

Here are easy ways you can hone your communication skills for improved hospitality operations:

Say What You Mean to Your Restaurant Management Team

Most people assume they effectively communicate their intentions or expectations. However, this is often not the case. Restaurant managers must be especially careful when delivering instructions, as misinterpretation can have grave consequences. Instructions often relate to issues of safety and legal compliance.

Leaders who speak specifically and don’t “assume” their team knows what is being requested will achieve the best results. Managers should not speak abstractly or be light on details. Instead, all communication should be specific and not require people to “read between the lines.”

Set the Tone

Hospitality teams thrive off the energy of leaders. If a manager sets a positive, can-do tone, her team will respond with similar energy. Communication is usually verbal, but non-verbal cues often influence others as well.

For these reasons, effective restaurant managers must remember to keep their personal lives separate from their work. Step into the restaurant with energy and a happy demeanor. Treat team members with respect and trust, and they will do the same with each other. However, managers who bring “drama” to the restaurant will find the negative vibes trickle down through the entire team.

Listen to Others

Good leaders aren’t necessarily the loudest or most eloquent orators. Instead, the measure of a top-notch manager is often in her ability to listen. Information obtained while listening to team members allows you to get a feel for what’s really happening on the ground level.

Managers who listen to their team can determine if corrective actions are needed for improved operations. Similarly, practices that have proven beneficial can be further implemented for greater success. A leader who doesn’t listen well will never operate with clarity.

Most of us can work to improve our communication skills. But, the objective is even more imperative for restaurant managers. The good news is, strong communication isn’t rocket science. By adopting a few best practices, everyone can deliver first-class leadership!

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