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A Salute to Supportive Men During Women’s History Month

A Salute to Supportive Men During Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month has been observed annually in the United States since 1987, celebrating the immense contributions of women to American history, culture, and society. As the 2024 celebration unfolds, I would also like to reflect on my appreciation for…men.  

Hear me out.  

When I share my story of being a woman who has overcome enormous gender-based obstacles to find professional success, I tout the inspiring women role models who have helped me find my legs to stand. Along the way, it has also been an inspiration to me that many of these strong women leaders have had supportive men in their lives who view and treat them as true equals.  

In our society, and especially in the workforce, we read and talk about women who support women all the time. And I’m extremely proud to be one of them. But I’ve realized that I haven’t been as vocal about men who are allies to women in America and around the world. 

So, during this Women’s History Month, I want to express heartfelt gratitude to all men who consistently and genuinely demonstrate respect and support for women in your daily lives, including socially, in your work environments, in your house and families, and in every area of life.  

If you are one of these men – thank you!  

In a world where gender equality is an ongoing pursuit, your commitment to treating women with dignity and understanding is not only commendable but appreciated.  

Your actions speak volumes, creating a positive ripple effect that contributes to fostering an environment of equality, empathy, and cooperation. Whether you do this in the workplace, at home, or within the broader community, your respectful and supportive demeanor creates a space where women feel heard and valued. You empower us on the front lines of our daily lives.  

I believe it’s essential to acknowledge the significance of your role in dismantling stereotypes and challenging societal norms that perpetuate inequality. By actively participating in the promotion of gender equality, you directly contribute to the creation of more inclusive and harmonious societies and working environments. 

Thank you for being allies, advocates, and champions of women’s rights, our well-being, and our professional successes. Your efforts are not only appreciated but also crucial in shaping a world in which everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive and fulfill their potential. Your present-day efforts are also opening doors to the next generation of women leaders.  

Making a difference in recruiting and hiring 

I am a DEI-certified senior talent recruiting partner with Goodwin Recruiting. In the recruiting space, we work to move the needle for equality every day. It is gratifying to see more hiring managers expanding their viewpoints and reaching out farther to identify larger pools of great candidates for open roles.  

For example, consider industries in America that may have historically had more male general managers (GM) than female – simply because GM experience was more prevalent among men. But today, hiring managers are expanding parameters, extending these job opportunities to a wider selection of candidates, both male and female, and thereby creating new opportunities for equality.  

If you are in a hiring capacity and use this approach in your talent recruiting and hiring process, we see your efforts and thank you for helping us move the mark, not only during the month of March but all year long. Together, we are promoting hope and elevating the skills and contributions of women in the American workforce. 

To all women and men around the world, I wish you a Happy Women’s History Month! Fortunately, it no longer takes an act of Congress to recognize the vast and important contributions of women. When we empower each other as role models among our families, friends, and peers, we can accomplish anything.  

Find the best talent for your team  

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