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9 Career Killers

Goodwin Recruiting | | January 11, 2018

9 Career Killers

Any hardworking, career-driven employee can do things that will kill their career. According to, there are nine specific things that can put a quick end to your career.

The first way to kill your career is overpromising and underdelivering. Employees often make promises that in reality are unachievable. By falling short of what you promised, it can cause you to look bad and unreliable.

The second thing that can kill your career is complacency. Never be too comfortable in your current position. You should always be thinking about how you can improve.

The third career killer is fear of change. The world is changing. Technology is advancing. Nothing stays the same forever. Employees have to adapt to change. According to the Ladders, 91% of respondents said that the most successful employees are the ones who can adapt to the changing workplace.  

The fourth way to ruin your career is having a massive ego. Don’t let your success and achievements go to your head. A little humility can go a long way.

The fifth career killer is losing sight of the big picture. Be smart and always weigh your daily priorities against long-term goals. Hitting your goals is what matters in the end. Daily tasks need to be monitored to make sure they are based on reaching those goals. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

The sixth thing that can kill your career is negativity. No one likes to be around someone who is negative all of the time. As an employer you want your employees to lift each other up and motivate everyone. When employees are motivated it makes their job easier because they are enjoying themselves.

The seventh career killer is having low emotional intelligence. You need to be able to manage your emotions well enough to navigate your way through office politics without blowing up or breaking down. Strength and patience will carry you far.

The eighth way to ruin your career is sucking up to your boss. Fawning all over your superior and playing the yes-man will not earn you the respect of your peers or your boss. Earn your employer’s respect. Work for it.

The final and ninth career killer is playing politics. Be authentic. Work for opportunities. Always be learning. Do not spread rumors or get involved with office drama. Playing politics is not worth losing the respect of your colleagues and risking your career.

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