Should Your Company Consider Using a Talent Recruiting Firm?

With years of experience as a Goodwin Recruiting Partner, I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients of all types – from single-unit organizations to multimillion-dollar corporations with decentralized locations. While I’ve had great success in sourcing top talent for companies of all sizes, the sweet spot where we make the biggest impact seems to be for clients who lie somewhere in the middle:   

  • Companies that are large enough to have an in-house HR team, but not a dedicated talent acquisition department  
  • Companies with jobs in a lot of essential verticals – operations, human resources, marketing, hospitality, logistics, and more (property management firms are a great example)   

This is where we really shine, serving as an external recruitment partner focused on sourcing top quality candidates (including passive candidates) who are carefully selected and once hired, help companies increase talent retention.  

If you are an executive or hiring manager with open roles and considering the benefits of using a recruiting firm, here are a few key reasons our clients nationwide appreciate our team and services.   

Expertise in all areas   

  • In areas where an HR team may be lacking, we’re here to support teams in their hiring needs to fill key vacancies, from manager to senior-level and executive positions.  
  • We act in a consultative manner in areas where HR teams may not have sufficient hiring market data or expertise. This helps to ensure companies find the right candidates, while meeting all of their hiring goals, including budgets, culture fits, diversity hiring requirements and many more.   

Perennial candidate flow   

  • We provide a larger number of qualified candidates than individual HR teams can source themselves.  
  • With more than 300 recruiting partners across the country, our wide reach and talent pool are an evergreen source of top talent.  

Qualifications and reference checks   

  • We streamline the recruitment process by thoroughly vetting the resumes, experience, qualifications, skill sets, and references of every potential candidate before presenting them to clients. In the process, we are also able to identify candidates who are a good fit for a particular company’s culture.  
  • This process alone saves time and energy for client HR teams. It brings forth the best talent, accelerates the interview process, builds confidence in the recruiting and hiring process, and fills critical staffing gaps in the shortest amount of time.  

Market- and job-specific industry insights   

  • We offer current, real-world insights into the job market, including salaries and compensation packages for specific job functions across most industries. 
  • This data is invaluable for HR teams to remain competitive in the hiring market and win in top talent acquisition, today and as their organizations grow.  

Transparent communication  

We tell it to you straight. At Goodwin Recruiting, we know the best recruiting partnerships are based on open dialogue and no hidden agendas, full clarity on how the process will work, and trust that we have the same shared goal as our clients – filling open positions with the right people who will stay in their roles for the long term.    

Take our clients’ words for it  

If you would like to see for yourself what other companies have to say about working with Goodwin Recruiting, check out our client testimonials page. And if you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, we’d love to connect when it’s time to hire. 

Reach out today and let’s create a winning talent recruitment strategy for your company’s staffing needs!