Hiring an Agency Is the Best Way to Find Your Next Restaurant Manager


Finding the right restaurant manager can be a daunting task, especially when your need is urgent. With more than 4 million restaurants in the United States competing for the most sought-after talent, how do you quickly identify and attract a top-notch candidate?  

I can testify that your journey is easier if you use an agency to perform your search. Let them do the heavy lifting while you concentrate on the business. Agencies have fast access to qualified professionals with demonstrated experience so that they can cut directly to the chase and the right pool of talent based on your restaurant type and requirements.

Further, job seekers are thoroughly vetted for their expertise and skillsets before an agency moves the best candidates to a shortlist of standout professionals for your consideration.  

This article explores more reasons why hiring an agency is the best way to find the right person to manage your restaurant. 

The benefits of using an agency 

Restaurant owners and operators are some of the hardest-working professionals in the world. Your time is always at a premium, and time is money. Add searching for key talent to your plate, and you are spread even thinner. Consider how helpful it would be for a professional recruiter to take the load off when talent needs arise.  

The benefits of using an agency to find and hire your next restaurant manager are plentiful because recruiters have the know-how, resources, and advanced tools of the trade:  

  • You don’t have to search job boards, distribute job postings, sift through volumes of resumes (many of which are not the right fit), schedule interviews with potential candidates, or spend precious time trying to contact people for follow-up interviews. You don’t have to dip your toes into the job market at all. The entire, time-consuming recruiting process is performed by the agency.  
  • The time you save allows you to focus on running your business without stressing about finding the right people to fill critical talent gaps. 
  • An agency provides expert counsel on how to get the most out of the talent you choose to hire. They help you develop staffing plans that align with your goals, and this involves more than helping you fill a role. You get a longer view to help ensure your needs are met both today and in the future.   
  • Agencies have talent networks, established relationships, and proprietary access to highly qualified professionals with deep experience in managing restaurants. The result? You get a shortlist of great managers who are already screened for their skill sets and experience. Many are passive candidates (not looking for a job) who are willing to consider the right offers, and access to these obscure pros is extremely valuable!  
  • An agency does the research for you, finding qualified candidates suited for your specific requirements. You don’t have to worry whether a candidate meets the mark because the agency already knows what you need.  
  • Agencies don’t just look at resumes when choosing candidates for your open position. They personally interview applicants to ensure they are a match for your hiring criteria before scheduling interviews with you. They also conduct background checks.  
  • An agency respects and enhances your interview process. After you interview a candidate, the agency debriefs both you and the candidate to gauge whether the fit is right, determine any red flags, ask whether a follow-up interview is needed, nail down expectations and terms, and assess if you’re ready to make a job offer. Everything moves at your discretion and pace.  

How to choose a great agency for your restaurant   

Making the decision to hire a recruiting agency for your restaurant can be difficult, just like any other business decision. If you decide to do it, where do you start? Looking for and choosing the right partner can be overwhelming. You want to identify the best agency for your specific business, but there are so many from which to choose. Here are tips for narrowing it down. 

Know their specialties: An excellent way to know whether a recruiting firm is a good fit for your business is by understanding their specialties, meaning finding out if they know your business. If they specialize in restaurant and hospitality recruitment, ask how long they have served your industry and about their track record in making great talent matches. Good and credible agencies are more than happy to share their bona fides.  

Assess their expertise: Of course, an excellent fit for you will be an agency that specializes in sourcing restaurant managers. In other words, they will have deep knowledge and experience in supporting restaurants of all types, specifically your type, and specifically in placing restaurant managers. They know inside out what background and skills are necessary to succeed in this essential role and uncover the facts by asking the right interview questions.  

Trust and delegate! Hiring an agency removes the stress from the search and hiring process. They do the legwork, screening, and interviewing to find people who are truly capable of assuming this challenging position at your restaurant – people who can hit the ground running. This is a good recruiter’s job, and they do it well. 

Expertise in your industry is essential  

The last thing owner-operators need is the wrong person managing their restaurants. This time, take a direct path to your next talent search with Goodwin Recruiting. We have been a leader in restaurant placements for decades, sourcing all levels of talent for every type of venue, from single, independently owned operations to large, publicly-traded organizations, country clubs to retail cafes, and from casual to fine dining establishments. Suffice it to say we have the right chops and best talent to keep your operation humming.