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Today’s Manufacturers Need a Strong Company Culture

Today’s Manufacturers Need a Strong Company Culture By Kimmerly Moore

As a senior talent recruiting partner specializing in manufacturing roles, I’m continually impressed to see how much goes into operating today’s manufacturing companies.  

Change, transformation, and investments are constant, from supplies and machinery to new technologies, machine upkeep and maintenance, and managing overhead, operating costs, training, and continuous improvement. It can be quite complex to see all the moving pieces come together, and when I see my clients finding success in their businesses, nothing makes me happier.  

In addition to the items mentioned above, however, there’s an enormous piece of the puzzle that’s invaluable to hiring managers and the bottom line of any manufacturing business, and that is…your people – your most important stakeholders! Investing in people is what creates the short- and long-term success every manufacturer is after.  

Here are the top three ideals I hear from manufacturing candidates in what they look for in new job opportunities:   

  1. Stability in the company 
  2. Growth opportunities
  3. A good company culture where they feel valued and a part of a team   

Let’s look deeper into that third ideal: a good company culture. Culture matters! After all, company culture is ultimately why most people choose to stay in a job and put forth their best efforts. Employee retention is one of many reasons organizational culture in manufacturing is so important.  

How to create a strong company culture? Make sure it’s a positive one!  

Ways to create a positive culture in the world of manufacturing    

  • Work the floor and talk to your team. Say “Good morning” and “Thank you” — and mean it! 
  • Treat employees fairly. They’re not just numbers.  
  • Pay employees fairly based on their skill sets. 
  • Ask for employee feedback. Build trust by letting team members know their ideas and opinions matter and are valued.  
  • Be sure team members are properly trained, with ongoing training and up-skilling opportunities. 
  • Offer growth opportunities and career advancement.  
  • Keep expectations fair in the number of hours worked per week. 
  • Avoid overtime hours as best as you can to prevent employee burnout, and if possible, consider flexible work arrangements. 
  • Create employee recognition and appreciation programs and events. Show gratitude for their hard work. Feeling appreciated improves well-being and employee retention. 
  • Keep employees informed! When your people know and understand your mission, goals, and core values, their decision-making abilities improve, and so does their ability to collaborate and move forward together as one with a shared purpose. 
  • Make diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives central to your organizational culture. 

Relevant, real-world examples    

Recently, I placed a general manager with one of my clients, and this individual changed the culture in a wonderful way. By putting quality people in place and implementing many of the items from the list above, the manufacturer created a friendly and productive environment that generates higher levels of employee engagement and great feedback from team members.  

Also recently, I was involved in hiring team members for a facility that was underperforming in the company due to a lack of qualified staff. Once the facility was fully staffed with new hires who possess the right skill sets, the culture shifted to one of respect, fairness, and teamwork. The facility began to increase efficiency and productivity, and in less than six months, it went from being last in company performance to third in company performance.  

Positive cultures make people proud to be part of a company  

When you create a great company culture, your team will respond with respect and put forth their best efforts. Feeling valued brings a sense of belonging and increases employee satisfaction. As a result, they do their jobs better and enjoy their day-to-day work life. Just as important, word will spread and your company will become known as an employer of choice. The best talent will want to work for you.  

Through workplace culture initiatives, you’ll also see employee retention problems fade away, callouts decrease, on-time attendance increase, greater business success – the list goes on. When you invest your time, energy, and dollars into your people and creating a more positive company culture, your business will absolutely (and quickly) see the benefits.  

Partner with a leader in manufacturing recruiting 

Get in touch with me today if you’re a hiring manager looking for in-demand top talent to strengthen your manufacturing team and help improve your company culture. 

At Goodwin Recruiting, our approach ensures we get to know our clients and candidates intimately. When we recommend a candidate for a manufacturing job, you can be assured that individual not only possesses the required skills to succeed but is also a cultural fit who can thrive within your organization.  

Here are some of the many manufacturing roles we fill for clients on a regular basis: 

  • C-Suite and Executive Roles  
  • Directors of Manufacturing 
  • General Managers  
  • Plant Managers 
  • Quality Assurance Managers  
  • Maintenance Managers  
  • R&D Specialists 
  • Production Planners  
  • Engineers 
  • Finance and Accounting Roles 
  • Human Resources Roles 
  • IT Roles 
  • Machinists