8 Tips to Help Optimize Your Restaurant Manager Job Postings

Restaurant Manager

Today’s tight labor market leaves employers little room for mistakes, yet some factors are beyond a company’s control. After all, budgets limit salary ranges and recruiting expenditures. However, a properly written restaurant manager job posting is an affordable way to maximize hiring results.

Here are eight tips to optimize your restaurant manager job postings today!

1) Use a Welcoming Tone

Too many job postings send a “my way or the highway” message. Such a tone may fly during economic recessions when job seekers are desperate, but employers don’t have the upper hand these days.

Most candidates know they’re in demand and will entertain a variety of offers before accepting a new position. Why in the world would they make the effort to respond to a negative-sounding advertisement? Companies must put their best foot forward.

2) Highlight Growth Opportunities

Effective job postings highlight a career trajectory within the company. A job seeker may be applying for a restaurant manager position, but chances are, they’re wondering if a corporate opportunity lies further down the road!

3) Include Compensation and Benefits Details for Restaurant Manager Positions

Some recruiters believe job postings should be sparse on compensation details. But, today’s workers are in very high demand and may not even respond to postings that don’t cite a salary range.

4) Summarize the Company Culture

It’s hard to highlight a company’s culture in a brief job posting. Yet, recruiters and hiring managers should try to find a way to address it. A sample advertisement may go something like, “At ACME Restaurant Corporation, we’re committed to ensuring a high quality of life for all our employees by implementing flexible, family-friendly work policies.”

5) Reference Awards and Positive Employee Reviews

Self-promotion is rarely effective. One way for a company to profile its virtues is through third-party review sites like Glassdoor. Make sure job postings reference general industry awards and employee satisfaction rankings.

6) Simplify the Restaurant Manager Application Processes

Some postings require applicants to submit their resumes in addition to typing the same information into multiple fields. In 2020, every company should implement solutions that pull candidate details directly from resume submissions.

7) Demonstrate Tolerance

Some job postings go over the top in describing the type of people they won’t hire. Prudent employers should simply state they comply with EEOC guidelines and reserve the right to perform background checks and other vetting procedures.

8) Cite Specific Job Details

Smart job seekers are turned off by generic posts. Yet, a surprising number of employers use similar advertisements for unrelated jobs. A company seeking a restaurant manager shouldn’t recycle the template used to promote server positions.

Looking for Top Restaurant Managers?

Currently, it seems most hospitality companies are fretting over the labor shortage. These concerns are understandable since salaries and benefits have budgetary limitations. But a quality job posting is no more costly than a bad one!

If your restaurant or hospitality company needs help sourcing America’s best workers, contact Goodwin Recruiting to find the talent you need.