Learn How Accounting Recruitment Firms Are Helping Top Companies Solve Their Talent Issues

ACCOUNTING Recruitment Firms

An unprecedented economy and strong job market have left many businesses wondering when they’ll finally find relief from the talent shortage. While nobody has a crystal ball, it seems 2020 is poised to continue favoring job seekers. Companies are therefore wise to consider leveraging the resources of accounting recruitment firms in order to keep operations running smoothly! 

Here are important reasons why accounting recruitment firms are usually better equipped to source top talent during times of candidate shortages.  

How Can Recruitment Firms Help?

1. Comparative Advantage 

Fortune 500 companies certainly have the scale to justify large HR operations, but smaller organizations often lack similar resources. And even some big companies benefit from the comparative advantage provided by accounting recruitment firms. 

Essentially, it’s a matter of simple economics. Recruiting agencies specialize in sourcing top workers and focus on the endeavor full time. Most companies that aren’t in the staffing business will never have the same outreach capabilities.  

Modern talent-sourcing operations rely on state-of-the-art technology and teams of specialists in order to identify and screen candidates. And, they’re aggressively competing with dozens of other “specialized” companies with the same focus. In other words, internal HR teams are unlikely to find success when sourcing talent in such a hot job market.  

2. Passive Candidate Sourcing (Headhunting)  

Drastic times call for drastic measures. And accounting and finance professionals are in such high demand that many accounting recruitment firms now focus heavily on “headhunting.” The term sometimes has negative connotations, but it’s more politely referred to as “passive candidate recruitment.” 

The idea is most professionals are open to new opportunities if the roles present some form of advantage—presumably financial or career growth potential. Professional recruiters spend hours scouring prospects on LinkedIn, internal databases, and other professional networks developed over years of recruiting tenure.  

Most internal HR professionals don’t enjoy the robust networks required for passive candidate recruitment efforts. Many are also reluctant to “headhunt,” given the negative connotations. This more aggressive form of sourcing is usually better left in the hands of agnostic, third-party professionals who enjoy a degree of separation as “neutral” recruiting professionals.   

3. Results Focused  

Internal recruiting efforts can be effective in less competitive job markets. But today’s candidate-favored climate makes it hard for salary-based HR employees to compete with commission-motivated accounting recruitment firms. Essentially, these professionals have an unmatched incentive to deliver results. 

Contingency-based commission structures also mitigate the risk of using third-party recruiting agencies. Most agreements are structured so that clients don’t pay fees unless the right candidate is found and hired. They may even have new-hire “placement guarantees” that further protect clients’ interests.   

Are you looking for a better talent acquisition solution?

At the end of the day, competent companies “can” source their own employees. The question is if they “should.” Accounting recruitment firms benefit from several economic advantages relating to specialization and vast candidate networks. In today’s competitive job market, most companies simply find it’s hard to match the value of a professional recruiting agency!   

If your business is in need of top accountants or finance professionals, be sure to consult with America’s best accounting recruitment agency today!