4 Ways to Improve Restaurant Recruitment Results

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Hiring great employees is no easy task, but it’s particularly challenging in the fast-paced world of restaurant recruitment. The industry is very labor intensive and transitional, and companies need reliable workers and management teams. An effective staffing strategy is critical to the success of any restaurant operation. Fortunately, there are proven techniques to increase the chances of success.

Here are Four Ways to Improve Restaurant Recruitment Results!

Tap Into Social Media to Improve Restaurant Recruitment Results 

Leveraging social media for recruitment efforts is nothing new. However, many companies still fail to make the most of social media campaigns. Today’s great hires are often hiding in plain sight on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Many recruiters make the mistake of thinking a company profile page alone is sufficient to generate interest. In reality, HR teams and hiring managers must make an effort to see results. This can include advertisements, but they should also leverage engaging content.

Blogs, articles, and update posts drive traffic to company social media pages. Then, when job openings are posted in the feed, those visitors are likely to take notice and engage. Comprehensive social media campaigns also allow companies to passively share positive aspects of their corporate culture, adding to the effectiveness.

Gain Credibility With Online Reviews

Online workplace reviews work hand in hand with social media but also deserve their own focus. It’s a mistake for companies to think they have no control over employee feedback. Obviously, companies can improve reviews by working hard to keep their staff happy. However, there are other strategies that can yield quick results.

In general, disgruntled people are more likely to provide feedback. This is a well-documented phenomenon and can create an unfair portrayal of a company and its standing with current employees. Therefore, restaurant managers can ensure a fairer representation by actively encouraging satisfied workers to leave reviews as well.

Offer Incentives for Word-of-Mouth Referrals

This time-tested strategy seems underappreciated by many who work in restaurant recruitment. But, it’s important to remember that “traditional” doesn’t mean “inferior.” Word-of-mouth referrals are still very effective in today’s high-tech world!

There are two reasons managers get ROI by providing employees with incentives for word-of-mouth referrals. First, the old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together,” often rings true. In other words, good workers refer good candidates.

Second, strong applicants are also intrigued by the idea of working for a positively-referred company. Word-of-mouth credibility is a two-way street. These candidates are much more likely to accept a job offer that results from a friend’s referral.

Consider Headhunting

The term headhunting can have a negative connotation these days, but it’s used here deliberately. People who work in restaurant recruitment need to get over the stigma of “stealing” talented workers from competing companies. The job market is simply too hot to arbitrarily limit employee-sourcing channels.

The benefits of hiring currently-employed workers are even greater when searching for management prospects and upper-tier candidates. Great workers are rarely unemployed, which means the best options must be sought out. There’s no shame in it — competitors do it too!

Most hiring managers and HR personnel appreciate the challenges of meeting restaurant recruitment objectives. And, with the vast tools available—many of which are free or affordable—there’s a variety of effective strategies that can be implemented. Ultimately, the most creative companies will secure the best talent!

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