Leadership Skills: How to Properly Explain Intangible Attributes on Your Restaurant Management Resume

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Many aspiring restaurant managers wrongly believe that their restaurant management resume is merely a listing of prior work history and industry-related skills. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Those in charge of hiring often “read between the lines” in search of intangible assets like leadership, teamwork, and determination.

Savvy candidates find ways to reference these so-called “intangibles” in the context of a professional resume. Here’s how you can, too!

Highlight Accomplishments in Your Restaurant Management Resume 

Some job seekers fall into the trap of listing prior positions in such a way that the resume reads like a matter-of-fact transcription. There’s no “why” or “how” to the story. In fact, there’s no story at all. The resume is simply a chronology of various jobs the candidate had over the course of their career.

While listing a job history shows an applicant has restaurant experience, it does little else to distinguish them from the many other candidates. Jobseekers who tell a story, however, paint a much more interesting picture and create opportunities to highlight special qualities.

For example, a restaurant management resume can demonstrate a history of leadership by citing the fact that they improved profit margin by five percent within six months. They can further explain that they did so by implementing a team incentive for up-selling drinks and dessert. By adding this extra detail to their resume, they are effectively letting the hiring manager know that they are a leader who can motivate people.

Detail Promotions

Hospitality workers with established careers sometimes gloss over their work history at a particular company. Perhaps a restaurant manager applicant previously worked at another establishment for five years. During that time, they began as a busboy, gained promotion to a waiter, and ended their tenure as an assistant manager. It’s important that their resume reflects this upwardly-mobile career trajectory, which demonstrates intangible attributes that led to various promotions.

Instead, this same candidate may have simply listed their highest position at the restaurant, “Assistant Manager.” That’s great, but it doesn’t tell the same story. An astute employer will view his detailed promotion history as a sign that they possess multiple intangible qualities, including leadership, work ethic, and tenacity.

List Activities

Sometimes, experienced restaurant manager applicants think having an “Activities” section of a resume is only beneficial to newer job seekers who lack significant work experience. That is not true, however. An “Activities” section allows you to showcase community contributions and leadership positions that fall outside the scope of employment.

For example, someone who served as a mentor in “Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America” demonstrates leadership, compassion, and commitment. Or, a candidate who briefly highlights world travels may possess traits desirable to an upscale restaurant with international customers.

Ultimately, aspiring restaurant managers must possess the right experience and skills in order to land a job. However, smart candidates will also find ways to reference intangible attributes that are also desired. Resumes that tell a compelling “story” ensure applicants stand out from the crowd.

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