A Special Thank You to Hospitality Operations Professionals During the Holidays

Thanks Recruiting

People who work in hospitality operations and the food and beverage industry don’t think about the holidays the same way the rest of us do. For many in the hospitality industry, the holidays are a time when they get pulled away from family and friends to work. It can make the holidays a difficult time for hospitality operations professionals as they work extra hours and often miss out on the special time with family that most of us take for granted.

Hospitality Operations can feel like a thankless role

Hospitality Operations is hard work. Restaurant managers have to round up staff over the holidays like they are herding cats. Too often they receive phone calls at the last minute claiming illness or transportation issues that “prevent” personnel from fulfilling their shift on a holiday. Someone has to take up the slack and keep the business rolling. That someone is usually the restaurant manager, the hotel manager, the kitchen manager, and the head chef. The hours are long, and recognition often seems to be an after-thought.

Goodwin Recruiting appreciates you because we have been there

At Goodwin Recruiting, we really, truly do get what it means to be in hospitality operations during the holidays. We have been there. The majority of the recruiters in our flagship hospitality division came from hospitality operations. In fact, our founder, Eric Goodwin was in hospitality management and currently owns multiple restaurant concepts. We know what it takes to manage a restaurant, hotel, or resort. We understand how difficult it is to be away from your family during the holidays. You keep the doors open and the business running. You provide weary travelers with a warm meal and a welcoming place to relax, as they head over the river and through the woods for the holidays. All of us here at Goodwin Recruiting genuinely appreciate the hard work that those in hospitality operations put into their jobs, day and night. Thank you.

There is another option

As much as we honor and respect those who work in hospitality operations, we recognize that for some in the industry, there comes a time when a change is necessary. Our founder created Goodwin Recruiting as a soft place for those in hospitality operation to land when they reach the end of their career in hospitality. Becoming a hospitality recruiter can be a very rewarding way to take your knowledge of the industry and put it to use in a new way.

Perhaps you are just ready to work for a new company, or to take the next step in your hospitality operations career. We are here for you to help with that transition, too. Much like those in hospitality provide a soft place for travelers to land, we want you to know that when you are ready for something new, we are here to help you find it.

We wish all of our clients, candidates, and partners a Happy Thanksgiving and a peace-filled holiday.

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