Social media branding for recruiters

recruiter social media branding

Social media is everywhere today. It’s so prevalent throughout our lives and our society that it has simply become a part of our daily routine. Having a party? Post it. Got a new car? Post it. Feeling anxious? Post it. Our lives, opinions, and attitudes are chronicled daily for all to see.

For recruiters, social media is a powerful tool. But, it’s important to use it carefully. Like a double-edged sword, your social media presence can cut both ways. Here are just a few tips on how to best use it to bring in candidates and brand yourself.

Choose social media channels wisely

Which social media channels you use depends strongly on your audience. Many professionals use Linkedin when searching for a position, so it is definitely a place where you will want to build a presence. But, 79% of internet users also use Facebook. 70% of them are 25 or older so it is also wise to build your personal recruiter brand there. Twitter is a fast-paced and high-volume network with 30% of people aged 18 to 49 using it regularly. Instagram is terrific for reaching younger audiences.

Whichever channels you choose, focus your efforts. Select the channels that make the most sense for your audience. You can find more statistics for each channel here. Select just one or two channels and dig in. Spreading yourself too thin on any channel will yield little to no results.

Build your audience

Building a social media audience can take a little time but it is as easy as posting information that people want to follow. Be personable! Be fun and funny. Include inspirational quotes and perhaps sprinkle in some good news about the favorite local sports teams. Let people know about your company and what it has to offer in terms of benefits and openings.

Post daily

To truly get traction on any of these media channels you will need to post daily. What should you post? Jobs! Let people know what you are looking for. Post all of the positions you currently have available with a link to a place they can apply.  Posting too often will get you blocked or unfollowed so don’t go overboard. Spread out the opportunities you have across the week and remind people to share them with anyone they know who might be interested.

Be Professional

Recruiters, in general, do not always have the best reputation. Poor reputations for recruiters run the gamut from being a pest to being downright shady. To maintain your reputation, follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Be honest – Don’t post fake jobs to lure in candidates. Nothing turns a candidate off faster than feeling they have been lied to.
  • Remain neutral – Candidates and clients come from all different backgrounds. Don’t post your political or religious opinions on your social media. Consider creating separate personal and professional profiles if you are deeply involved politically.
  • Celebrate your company’s culture — People want to work for a company that truly is an exciting place to work. You are on the front lines of spreading that message to potential employees. Share news about the successes and team events your company has. Post about the new locations you are opening, the company barbeque and the team bowling party.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will be well on the way to building an excellent personal recruiter brand.

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