How to be the Creator of your own Success in Recruiting

success with recruiting
In the world of recruiting, the activity you put into your business today will result in how much money you put into your bank account tomorrow. You are the only person who can create that action. The good news is, the only thing you need to be successful is YOU.

Does anyone call you who you haven’t called first? No. Are you receiving random emails from clients and candidates begging to work with you? Never. “Create” means – causing something to happen as a result of one’s actions. In recruiting, your deals only happen as a result of your actions each day. What is the most important skill recruiters should have in their toolkit? Google that question and within every response, the answer is the same: strong communication.

That means you need to spend the bulk of your day talking to people. Save the hours outside of prime calling times for conducting research to identify the right contacts and create your prioritized call lists. Follow a persistent schedule without being a nuisance. By reaching out twice per week you demonstrate that you are a recruiter who follows up and follows through. This marketing strategy also reveals one of the best recruiting qualities you will bring to the table: consistent communication.

So how do you get the conversation started? Be social! And while social media has become a fantastic means for recruiters to expand their reach, it should never and will never replace live human connection. The best way to do that is in person, followed by webcam, and then phone. You can’t build great relationships without one crucial ingredient: meaningful communication.

Whether pursuing a prospect or getting inside an existing deal in the making, every conversation needs to be an excavation. You need to be relentless in your pursuit of knowledge and information and leave no stone unturned. Your clients and candidates alike will respect you most if you are a straight-shooter making fact-based decisions. Surprise them with this powerful difference-maker that they may not expect from a recruiter: transparent communication.

So how do you go about becoming the creator of your own success in recruiting?

  • Conduct sourcing during times that aren’t the best to be making calls
  • Stay organized by creating prioritized call lists
  • Connect with as many people as possible every day – in person, on webcam, over the phone
  • Use social media and email as extensions of other more meaningful communication
  • Follow up with all prospects twice per week to show your level of commitment

If you want to be successful as a recruiter, your office overhead is minimal. And the two most important key elements are totally free of cost: Your voice and your daily drive to action.

Remember to keep it simple. Dedicate the necessary time to make lists of who to call and then just do it. Don’t let a single day go by without making connections with candidates and clients, prospect or active, through consistent, meaningful and transparent communication. If you follow this path, you will be creating the action which in turn creates success. And you will have total job security because you will never lose your biggest asset: YOU!

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