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Webcam Interview Etiquette: Tips for Job Seekers at Every Level

Webcam Interview Etiquette

Job candidates never cease to surprise their recruiters. We interview professionals before presenting them to clients, which helps us make great matches. I recently met with a candidate who was fresh out of college and had virtually no work experience. Yet she had somehow developed great instincts for how to construct her resume and deliver a fantastic interview. The next day, I interviewed an individual with 20 years of experience who seemed to struggle with every step of the interview process.  

For some job seekers, interviewing during the job search comes easy. For others, not so much. If you fall into the second category, don’t despair! We really enjoy helping candidates learn effective interview skills so they’re confident and ready to meet with potential employers and hiring managers, either in person or through a video interview. 

4 tips for virtual interviews

Video conferencing became prevalent during the pandemic and is still widely used in talent recruitment and the hiring process. In-person interviews are steadily rebounding, but since so many job interviews happen virtually these days, here are four great interview tips to help you excel in preparing for and managing your next webcam session.   

1. My dog ate my resume 

Don’t panic if you need to reschedule an interview video call. It happens all the time, even to recruiters! As soon as you know you have a conflict, reach out to your interviewer via email and if you don’t get a quick response, follow up with a phone call. Approaching this situation with honesty, a bit of humor, and your availability to reschedule is all you need. Excessive apologizing doesn’t work in your favor, so avoid this. Life happens. Just roll with the punches!  

2. Imma head out 

It’s okay if you realize the job isn’t for you. It’s surprisingly common for people to end a Zoom, Skype, or other platform call in this situation. Let your recruiter know you appreciate their time and efforts, but this opportunity isn’t a fit. This is an action they will respect! When you handle it properly, your recruiter will keep you in mind for future roles that could be ideal for you. 

3. Your laundry can wait

Unless your interviewer just took a hefty dose of Dramamine, you don’t want to be moving around with your mobile device during the video chat. Eye contact, calm body language, good posture, and your full attention are important. Always use a stationary device with the camera at eye level so the focus is on you and your message. A good light source and neutral background also help avoid distractions for the interviewer.

4. Carpool karaoke 

Sometimes, candidates need to hide from an overly attached pet or a small child and need to take the interview from their car or a nearby coffee shop. If this happens, be sure to give your interviewer a heads-up. Otherwise, they may get the impression that your Venti Vanilla Latte Double Shot No Whip is more important to you than a new job. Make sure you have a good, reliable internet connection, and please, don’t interview and drive!  

Be prepared to project your best self 

Any great career coach will tell you this. For a job you really want, your goal is to convey to your recruiter how your skills align with the role, your excitement about the hiring organization and its mission and company culture, and how you can make a long-term positive impact. Investing time in research and preparation for interview questions is an important component of your success!   

If these interview tips were helpful to you, there’s more where they came from! Goodwin Recruiting specialists take the time to help our candidates strategize for every in-person and virtual interview, so they come out on top! Check out our job board and send over your resume today!