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The Impact of LGBTQ+ Inclusivity at Work

The Impact of LGBTQ+ Inclusivity at Work (3)

For decades, I ran my own business. One of the biggest reasons was that, as someone who spent the greater part of their teenage years being bullied for who they were, I couldn’t help but be self-reliant. Ultimately, I was always carving my own path because I felt that any sort of “corporate” structure would certainly not let me be open about who I was. Being open as a queer person is one thing. Sure, companies may have DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives in place so that they hire protected classes, which is wonderful. But being open and having a sense of belonging is something completely different.


The Right Company Makes all the Difference

When I joined Goodwin Recruiting, a remote-based company, I assumed relationships would be mostly work-based. What I didn’t know was just how much of a family I had joined. As a queer person, I am used to people asking me if I have a partner or not, and that’s about the extent of how deep those conversations get.

Not here. Not at Goodwin. From the top at the executive level, to every partner I have ever encountered, our conversations are not guarded, but rather held in the same way anyone else is treated. For me, as someone who doesn’t expect special inclusive treatment, but would rather be treated like anyone else, that matters.


A Safe Space

I never thought that I, someone who owned my own recruiting business and had a history of sole proprietorship, would ever join a company as an employee. Nor did I ever think I would be compelled to write a blog in honor of Pride month for the company I work for! But here I am, four years later, filled with gratitude for the incredible opportunity to work for a company that not only talks the talk but walks the walk when it comes to DEI initiatives, particularly in support of our LGBT+ partners and employees.


Your Inclusion Efforts Make A Difference

As an individual, you may not think the little things you do each day make a difference. But if each of us puts forth an effort every day to build a safe and inclusive culture, the lives of so many will be impacted in a big way. Creating an inclusive workplace is such an important piece of any company’s future success, and your team will be more grateful than you may ever know.

At Goodwin Recruiting, our commitment to DEI doesn’t stop when the laptops close. Our company actively engages in educating partners on how to build congruent relationships with LGBT+ candidates. We strive to be equity resources to our clients to implement strategies regarding DEI/LGBT+. Sometimes we may not always get it right when it comes to LGBT+ issues, especially since our community is becoming even more broad, but we always try and are always exploring ways to capture feedback and new ideas.


In a world that continues to grapple with issues of discrimination and inequality, it’s heartening to know that Goodwin Recruiting is leading the way towards a more just and inclusive society by affecting change where it matters most – in the hiring process. It is wonderful knowing that anyone who has the Goodwin banner in their LinkedIn profile can also be called an ally.