Tina Churchill-Spencer

Areas Of Specialty

As an operations leader for most of her career, Tina comes with first-hand knowledge of the skill it takes to find and retain the right talent. Tina has 30+ years of experience working in the restaurant/service industry. Being a passionate leader who focused mostly on employee retention and relationships kept her at the top of the leaderboard consistently. “If you take care of your people, they will take care of the rest”. She spent her career at training locations for most of the concepts under her watch. As a mentor for her peers, Tina flourished in her field and coached others to do the same, hiring the right people for the right job and keeping them happy and engaged.

Tina started her career in recruiting when she realized she could help more by using her skills in finding talent. By working with clients she believes in, she can relay that belief and trust in people looking to find their path. Working with Goodwin Recruiting allows her to build long-term relationships with those inside and outside the four walls of the industry she loves.

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