Nathan DeWitt

Areas Of Specialty

Have you ever heard the phrase “restaurant rat”? It’s a term for someone who has experience in every nook and cranny of a restaurant’s operation. Not only is this term fitting for Nathan DeWitt, considering he’s worked in every possible position available in restaurants, but his first restaurant job in high school was at Chuck E. Cheese. So yes, Nathan considers himself a former “restaurant rat,” both figuratively and literally.

According to Nathan, all of his experience can be distilled down to three words: I get it. Nathan understands the needs of candidates because he’s been there. When a candidate says the phrase “work/life balance,” Nathan truly understands what that means…and they’re not talking about balancing banker hours. He remembers what that lack of balance felt like, and he wants to find great positions for his candidates so they don’t have to feel like he did.

Nathan’s diverse background also assists the needs of his clients because he has experience with all levels of service — from pizza places to country clubs, fast casual to fine dining, and every stop in between. Nathan’s last three operation director positions were in luxury hotels in the highly competitive Atlanta, GA market, so he has a great understanding of the needs of all types of guests.

Outside of the office, Nathan enjoys cooking, home-tending, and watching movies. Nathan and his wife reside in the Atlanta area. They are proud pit-bull parents and work with local foster groups to find dogs homes in Georgia.

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