Kristan Caceres

Areas Of Specialty

Building trusted relationships and working with purpose, passion, and transparency are the traits Kristan Caceres brings as a Recruiting Partner.

Kristan has a diverse background across various industries that provides her with a unique perspective and a broad set of skills that are valuable to the recruiting field. Her working experience includes consulting with corporate clients to provide them with personalized and comprehensive benefits solutions for their employees, identifying new business opportunities and fostering growth as a Business Development Manager, and utilizing her organizational skills, her attention to detail, and her ability to handle sensitive information as a Legal Assistant.

As a Benefits Advisor, Kristan possessed the power to directly influence her clients’ financial performance, boosting their profitability and driving down costs. During her consultations, she discerned a growing demand for recruiting services and recognized her potential to create a lasting impact as a proficient recruiter. Embracing this newfound opportunity, she joined forces with Goodwin Recruiting, drawn by their unparalleled reputation in the industry, and has never regretted her decision since.

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