Joe Nuno

Areas Of Specialty

Joe always made it a point to find a connection with guests and colleagues while in the hospitality industry. He tries to bring that to the forefront of his daily interaction with his candidates and clients.

Joe started his career at the age of 15, flipping burgers. He has done every job a restaurant can offer and climbed the ladder to eventually becoming a GM. He enjoys the “Humm” as he calls it, when you walk into a restaurant and the sound of happy guests talking, servers pouring wine, and glasses clinking together to wish someone all the best are flowing the way they should.

Joe started his career in the recruiting realm when he was interviewed by a Goodwin Recruiter. He was considering getting back into hospitality after leaving the industry to open his own chicken farm. It was then that a serendipitous experience took place. The same day his wife asked, “Why don’t you become a recruiter?” The recruiter who had been working with Joe asked him the same question less than 45 minutes later, “Have you ever thought about becoming a recruiter?” It is then that Joe decided to move forward with Goodwin Recruiting and now realizes it was the best decision he has ever made in his career. It allows him to still feel connected to the industry he grew up in and gives others the opportunity to share that experience as well.

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