Jennie Tay

Areas Of Specialty

Jennie Tay has helped connect jobseekers with suitable job opportunities for 7+ years, building relationships with candidates, and clients along the way. These networks have been her inspiration and pushed her to continue her passion for helping others grow their careers and businesses.

Over the last 7 years, Jennie has evolved from Human Resources to Agency Recruiting and now as a Recruiting Partner. She worked in academic, Non-Profit, Corporate, and Agency environments and has a breadth of industries and verticals in her background.

In 2023, Jennie joined the Goodwin Recruiting team, where she lives in the Atlanta market and has clients throughout the Southeast.

Jennie loves spending time with family and friends and visiting the North East where she grew up. Her hobbies include working out at the gym, exploring different places, and trying different foods.

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