Darryl Downs

Meet Darryl

Senior Recruiting Partner

DEI Certified

Bentonville, AR

Darryl Downs

Areas Of Specialty

Darryl’s career within the Hospitality industry spanned 35 years, during which he held Front of House and Back of House positions. His professional endeavors afforded him the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the United States, as well as abroad to Dubai, where he served in some of the world’s most opulent hotels for a period exceeding eight years before returning home to Texas.

Darryl has a wealth of experience as a manager, concept creator, and director. He has led large teams comprising people from diverse cultural and national backgrounds. Despite his initial passion for the hospitality industry, he has since redirected his focus toward the recruitment sector. Demonstrating a strong commitment to achieving excellence and possessing a comprehensive understanding of the complexities associated with managing diverse teams, he has proven himself to be an exceptional leader. Leveraging his extensive experience in this area, he endeavors to help individuals identify their ideal roles and achieve their professional aspirations.

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