Clark Wilson

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Senior Recruiting Partner

DEI Certified | Pinnacle Billers Member | 2022 Partner of the Year

Madison, WI

Clark Wilson

Areas Of Specialty

After a successful career in multiple industries, Clark Wilson has realized the impact and positive effect created when the right person is matched with the right opportunity. People are the determining factor for any successful organization, and the right opportunity can help define a person’s career. Clark is passionate about making that connection happen.

His diverse background has helped him master the skill of identifying talent and matching it with the business needs. He has over 30 years of leadership experience in hospitality, retail sales, and B2B distribution, which has provided him the ability to quickly understand clients’ needs while at the same time being able to match those needs with the qualifications of the perfect candidates. He has hired every position from dishwasher to top executives, giving his clients the advantage of having their candidates vetted through years of experience and only having the best matches provided for consideration.

Clark became a recruiter as the culmination of his professional career. After starting as a busboy and ending as the president of a multi-million-dollar organization, he filtered down his career to what gave him the most joy. He finds great excitement in watching people thrive when given the right opportunity and seeing the impact that has on the business. Recruiting is the best way for Clark to pay it forward, and he enjoys helping as many people and businesses as he can to achieve that goal.

Clark loves the outdoors and spends most of his free time on the lake or at his cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. A lifelong learner, he is always reading or taking courses to broaden his education and make himself more valuable to his clients and candidates.

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