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Hiring Managers and Talent Recruiters: The Dynamic Duo

Hiring Managers and Talent Recruiters The Dynamic Duo

Hiring managers and talent recruiters have the same goal in mind – to find the best-suited candidates for every open role. And companies that find the greatest success in hiring are those whose hiring managers and talent recruiting partners work together through strategic hiring and recruiting methods.  

Think of all the amazing dynamic duos out there. Mario and Luigi. Barbie and Ken. Bert and Ernie. Woody and Buzz. Milk and Cookies. And of course…Peanut Butter and Jelly!

It’s hard to argue that sometimes, two is better than one, and in the case of hiring managers and recruiters, this pairing can be an unbreakable force! Here are four of many reasons hiring managers and recruiters work so well and effectively together in the talent sourcing and hiring process. 

1. Valuable insights come from both sides of the table 

From their unique perspective, hiring managers have specific needs and insights on the hiring side, and talent recruiting specialists have substantial insights on the job candidate side. By having open and transparent conversations, exchanging insights and recruitment tips, and through a healthy modicum of push and pull from both sides of the table, this pair of professionals excels in creating talent acquisition success for both hiring companies and the job candidates they choose to hire.

2. Everybody wins by helping each other out   

During the recruitment process, talent recruiters strive to make hiring managers look GREAT by finding the uniquely qualified candidates they are after, all the while saving hiring managers hours upon hours of time, energy, and resources. Here at Goodwin Recruiting, we maintain a nationwide network of 800,000+ job candidates – many of whom are passive job seekers waiting for the right opportunity to arise. Once hiring managers share the unique details of their job opening, our recruiters get to work in identifying candidates who are best matched for a given role. It’s a win-win partnership and a cohesive hiring team. 

3. Preparing for the future is a competitive advantage 

In getting to know countless clients and hiring managers over the years, we have a deep understanding of their company cultures, and the type and caliber of talent they need to help them achieve company goals. If a candidate with the right skill set and competencies comes across our desk who we know could be a great match for a client’s team, even if there isn’t a current open position, we’re compelled to make the client aware of the candidate’s availability. This supportive practice often results in a current or future hire. Talent recruiters help hiring managers prepare for the future in other ways, too. Through passive candidate searches, we help hiring managers by having potentially perfect candidates at the ready when they need to move forward with a fast hire. 

4. Strong and prompt communication is key   

In today’s job market, top talent is in high demand, which makes timely communication between hiring managers and recruiters the secret to success in talent acquisition. When hiring managers and recruiters promptly share input and feedback with each other, it allows both sides to fine-tune candidate search criteria, discover the best candidates, and attract, interview, and enable the hiring manager to hire a desired candidate before they accept an offer from another employer. 

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Good talent recruiters consider themselves stakeholders in a hiring manager’s recruitment process and success in onboarding new hires. If you’re a hiring manager ready to create your dynamic duo with a recruiting expert, reach out to me today. I am a DEI-certified senior recruiting partner with Goodwin Recruiting and we’re celebrating our 25th year of dynamic recruiting partnerships with our clients. We’d love to collaborate with you, too!