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Here Are the Top Apps Every Structural Engineer Should be Using

Here Are the Top Apps Every Structural Engineer Should be Using

Structural engineers have proven critical to the success of any large-scale building project since the time of the pharaohs. They help to bridge the gap between the art of architecture and the reality of physics (no pun intended). With so many responsibilities and variables to account for, any structural engineer can benefit from the latest technological help!

Here are five of the best structural engineering smart apps on the market today:

  • Structural Engineering 

    This app is available for Android devices and has a 4.4 rating with solid reviews. Although it’s presented as a resource for engineering students, it’s also a handy on-the-job resource for active structural engineers. Users are particularly impressed with the information available in the book and article functions.

  • Engineering Unit Converter & Calculator 

    Sometimes the most basic of tools are the most helpful. While sophisticated apps boast functions that include CAD and graphing abilities, engineers always need accurate conversion and calculation. This app also boasts 4.4 stars and is sure to save structural engineers time in quickly converting units of measurement across different systems.

  • Engineering Dictionary – Offline 

    Most structural engineers are tech-savvy, but some circumstances are beyond anyone’s control. What if there’s a weak phone signal and no WiFi on-site? No problem! This app will have your back, as it features an encyclopedia of engineering terms and information offline.

  • Beam Design 

    This app has a 4.3 rating and presents itself as a solution that is particularly beneficial to civil engineers. The functionality allows structural engineers to calculate geometry, forces, supports, and load cases. With regular updates and affordable in-app purchase options, “Beam Design” is a solid addition to your tool belt!

  • Steel Structure Engineering 

    While a bit more specific in its focus, this 4.3-star app will still be well-utilized by most structural engineers. Over 10,000 downloads speak to its credibility within the niche space. Please note that updates seem infrequent, which is understandable given it’s a basic handbook/informative resource.

Structural engineers can usually appreciate the value of efficiency and time-savings in work. While some smart app technology is more novelty than a pragmatic solution, some apps provide real utility. Curious people will continue to benefit from industry-focused apps that aid with both complex and mundane, day-to-day tasks.

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