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Best Ways to Get Found by an Accounting Headhunter

Best Ways to Get Found by an Accounting Headhunter

Life can be strange and full of inconvenient timing. For example, sometimes, job opportunities surface when people are already happily employed. On the other hand, an out-of-work professional may go months with no luck. But there’s good news for accounting and finance professionals looking to make a change: There’s a great accounting headhunter out there seeking top-notch talent!

Here are some steps to get the attention of any accounting headhunter!

1. Leverage LinkedIn

Most recruiters scour LinkedIn daily for talent. So, professionals can leverage the platform in a variety of ways that signal interest in new job opportunities. A simple change in a setting can alert headhunters to one’s job-market status.

More aggressive candidates may create a headline stating something like, “Open to new accounting opportunities.” Job seekers can also proactively use the platform to respond to recruiters’ job postings and even send connection requests to prominent headhunters.

Accounting and finance professionals should ensure their LinkedIn profiles are current and accurately reflect their skills, education, and experience. Headhunters scan LinkedIn profiles like resumes. Therefore, job seekers should be specific about degrees, licenses, and areas of specialty.

2. Network

Most accounting and finance professionals enjoy a network of industry colleagues and friends. An active accounting headhunter will often solicit referrals from other professionals. So, job seekers are wise to let everyone know they’re open to new positions. With any luck, the word just might get back to a recruiter with a terrific opportunity.

It’s vital to remember headhunters usually believe birds of a feather flock together. Accordingly, networking should focus on colleagues and friends who share similar values, work ethic, and skillsets. A referral from a poor performer or worker in an unrelated industry is unlikely to generate interest from an accounting headhunter.

3. Join Job Board Websites

While it may seem counterintuitive to recommend online job boards, it’s critical for accounting and finance workers to have active profiles on the major websites. Headhunters scour profiles based on keyword searches to identify qualified candidates for jobs; therefore, having an updated profile on the major job boards can attract the attention of an accounting headhunter. It’s not an absolute way to land a job, but it doesn’t hurt!

4. Apply Directly

Most headhunters and recruiting agencies have websites where they post specific jobs. But even if none of the opportunities seem like a match, accounting and finance professionals should complete the contact form.

A candidate who attempts to connect with an accounting headhunter shows initiative. They’re more likely to generate interest, and recruiters will be comfortable investing time and energy into their job search. The last thing a headhunter wants is to work on behalf of an insincere candidate.

Finance and accounting professionals are in high demand, so a professional who grabs the attention of an accounting headhunter is more likely to land their dream job. Fortunately, simple techniques can highlight skillsets while signaling interest!

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