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4 Interview Questions for Management Recruiters: How to Think Outside the Box Before Your Next Round of Interviews

4 Interview Questions for Management Recruiters - How to Think Outside the Box Before Your Next Round of Interviews

Most people know interviews are stressful for job candidates. However, they can also be challenging for management recruiters. After all, leadership roles are critical to operational success, and organizations must carefully vet all applicants. Certain queries are ubiquitous to job interviews, but there are more nuanced versions that can probe deeper.

Here are Four Less-Common Questions That Can Help Management Recruiters Learn More About Prospective Employees:

If Given a Choice, Would You Choose Higher Pay or Better Work-Life Balance?

There’s really no wrong answer to this question. However, it does force the applicant to be truthful in their intentions and career priorities. Different management roles are better suited for different lifestyles.

For example, an applicant who prefers “work-life balance” may be a great match for a role that’s more flexible but lacks a bonus structure. On the other hand, a candidate who’s primarily concerned about the number on her paycheck may lose interest in a job that doesn’t reward extra work with an increased salary.

Do You Prefer Working Autonomously or Collaboratively?

This is another question that may seem tricky, but it’s really more about matching personalities with job roles. Obviously, there are management positions that require collaboration and significant teamwork. There are also leadership roles that are very independent in terms of day-to-day activities.

Consider a sales manager who works from home and remotely monitors team performance via CRM data analytics. Even though their function seems very team-oriented, the fact is, most of their daily activities are completed in isolation. A social butterfly isn’t necessarily a good fit in this role, but an introverted manager may be just the ticket!

What is the Most Important Character Trait For Good Managers?

Some questions are designed to elicit thoughtful responses, so the thought process itself is almost more important than the answer. This is one such example.

Obviously, a good manager must possess many positive character traits. So, responses can vary. Strong candidates won’t just provide an answer but will walk the interviewer through the process of getting that answer.

Perhaps the applicant says that being a hard worker is the most important character trait for a manager. In that case, the recruiter can follow up by asking for an example of when the candidate exhibited hard work in her career.

Can You Describe a Time When You Had to Side With One Team Member Over Another? How Did You Decide Whom to Back?

In this scenario, the interviewer is seeking to learn the reasons why an applicant sided with one employee over another. This exploration can give insight into both the candidate’s ethics and thought processes.

For example, an applicant may reveal that his prior boss asked him who was responsible for a major operational mishap. One of the people in question defended herself by stating she wasn’t properly trained. But, the applicant told his old boss that, in actuality, the co-worker was tardy to several of the training sessions.

Certain questions will always be included in employment interviews. It’s important to know an applicant’s work history, career objectives, and other standard details. However, savvy management recruiters can get a bit more nuanced to really learn candidate insights. The extra vetting efforts will likely pay off in spades down the road!

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