6 Reasons to Secure a Job in the Hospitality Industry

Six Reasons to Grab a Job in the Hospitality Industry

Did you know there are almost 2 million open hospitality jobs available in the industry right now? The hospitality business has struggled with the challenges of these past two years, but the demand for these jobs is back, and NOW is the time to get your name in the mix. Learn more about how working in the hospitality industry can be an exciting and rewarding way to earn a living:

1. It’s the ultimate job experience

Free food? Discounted travel? The opportunity to meet celebs and sports stars? Check, check, check! A job in hospitality can have a wide variety of perks, allowing you to experience new and exciting things and meet spectacular people along the way. Not to mention the fun, fast-paced work environment of most jobs in hospitality makes the days fly right on by.

2. Earn top dollar

Employers are competing for top talent by offering generous signing bonuses and benefits to candidates. There has never been a better time for hospitality professionals or those looking to enter the industry to browse open positions, select the one that fits you best, and negotiate for specific requests, like pay or work/life balance.

3. See the world

If your interest is in cruise ships, air travel, resorts, fine dining, or the tourism industry, you may find yourself with the opportunity to travel the globe. Experience different cultures, work in breathtakingly beautiful places, and meet new and interesting people – all while being paid!

4. Flexibility

Whether you’re a morning person or more of a night owl, jobs in hospitality tend to be extremely flexible and offer a variety of scheduling opportunities. There are so many different job opportunities in the sector, from dishwasher to guest experience coordinator, from back office to concierge; no matter what your skill set is, there is a perfect place for you within this exciting and varied industry.

5. Security

Job experience in the hospitality industry translates exceptionally well to other positions. The problem-solving skills, teamwork, and soft skills required in the hospitality business set you up for long-term success. Career opportunities, both within the field and beyond, are incredible once you’ve proven yourself in hospitality. You can easily leverage your time spent performing well in one position to take advantage of lateral moves and opportunities for growth.

6. Fulfillment

In the hospitality industry, you create customer experiences. In turn, you get to experience firsthand the happiness and comfort you bring to your guests. The lifelong memories you help them create by celebrating birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, and more – can be just as rewarding for you as for them. Not something any old job can offer!

If the hospitality industry is something you’re just starting to explore or something you’re looking to get back into, contact us today to learn about the many available opportunities and career options.

At Goodwin Recruiting, our team places hospitality professionals in roles from hotel management to revenue management, from chefs to sommeliers. Whether you want to work the front lines or a high-level management position, our team of dedicated hospitality recruiters can help guide you in your job search and help you take the next steps on your career path.