Four Job Interview Tips: How to Make a Great Impression

job interview

You’ve worked with a Goodwin recruiter and got your first job interview lined up –  excellent work! Rest assured that your recruiter is going to set you up for success, but in the meantime, here are four tips for reviewing whether you’re meeting your potential new employer face to face or via a video conference. Because we all know, preparation and practice make all the difference. 

1. Get Some Sleep! 

It’s true — one of the best things you can do 24 hours before your interview is to set the stage for a good night’s sleep. When you’re well-rested, you think more clearly, your focus is improved, and you feel more confident. If you have barriers to going to bed early, like children, pets, or current work schedules, make an effort the night before that will help you clear your mind and score a few more minutes of rest the following day. For example, lay out your interview outfit ahead of time, map the route to your interview location or test internet connection and login credentials, and set out an easily accessible bottle of water and snack if you think you’ll need a pre-interview meal. These little steps will save you precious time and ensure you’re well-rested and fresh for your meeting. 

2. Everything’s Better with a Buddy. 

Grab your bestie and have them role-play the interview with you. When they ask you practice questions, be sure to answer as fully and as clearly as you would in your actual interview. Be prepared to give your friend real-life examples and your accomplishments (even though they probably already know!). The more you get in the habit of stating these things out loud and to another human, the better the chances are you’ll retain and recall the information more readily during the actual interview process.  

3. Do your Research. 

This one seems obvious, and it is, but there’s a twist. Since you’re working with a Goodwin Recruiter, you already know about the company and the position. But, do you know about your interviewer? If you have their first and last name, take a moment to look them up on LinkedIn. This could be the key to commonality! You might just find out that you graduated from the same school, or both lived in Dubuque, or you both have a passion for writing. This commonality (if brought up at the right time and with intentionality) could help you build rapport, feel at ease, and also make your interview stand out from the crowd.   

4. Breathe in, Breathe Out 

Another obvious one here, but let’s face it, interviews can be nerve-wracking. Whether you’re in your make-shift office at home or in your potential new employer’s office and face to face, interviewing can be intimidating. If you find yourself swallowing the belly butterflies, try some deep, meditative breathing. Breathing exercises will signal to your brain that you are safe, your heart rate will slow, and you’ll be able to relax and find your interview groove.   

And there you have it, four surefire tips to help you breeze through your interview no matter where you are. If you need more insight or inspiration, we’ve got you covered. You can always reach out to your Goodwin Recruiting contact, visit our blog for more tips and tricks, or search our virtual job boards, today!