Transparent Communication Is the Key to Networking & Building Relationships


“I’ll send you my updated resume.”

“You’ll be hearing from us soon.”

“I’ve enjoyed our conversation — I’ll be in touch for a final interview.”

Whether you are a candidate seeking a new position or a hiring manager searching for the perfect fit, you have undoubtedly been on the receiving end of one of these statements. With the follow-up expected, you patiently await the next steps but, unfortunately, hear nothing at all. At some point during a search, many have fallen victim to the “I’ll get back to you” cliche. Regrettably, the lack of follow-up can damage an individual’s reputation or an organization’s brand. Both candidates and hiring managers can simply hold each other and themselves accountable by establishing a follow-up time and date. It keeps the recipient of the communication from having to wait in a state of uncertainty, wondering about the potential timeline. It also helps in setting yourself up to impress your fellow associate and secures that next communication touchpoint. Transparent communication, from both sides, is the key to building strong, lasting relationships.

Transparent Communication: Rules of the Road

Job seekers and hiring managers both have a responsibility to follow up throughout the interview process. There are many instances when applicants do not forward an updated resume. Likewise, many organizations do not give an applicant closure when moving forward with other candidates. Rather than hearing nothing at all, applicants truly appreciate hearing when they are not selected to move forward in the interview process. This is a significant source of frustration for candidates seeking a new opportunity. A recent trend of Professional Ghosting, when a business contact suddenly becomes unresponsive to all forms of communication, without explanation, can leave a very bad impression on job seekers. Rejected candidates are still potential customers or clients and are more likely to recommend a company’s services after a positive interview experience.

Networking — What’s It All About?

Building relationships allows you to build a professional network, promoting the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest. Networking is not just about the number of contacts or friends you have on social media — it’s about marketing yourself and building quality relationships through thoughtful and transparent communication. Networking should not be about taking advantage of other people’s goodwill — it should be about providing your tools and knowledge to assist others in their journey. Networking can be tough, but the benefits can open doors to new opportunities or provide support from high-profile professionals. You never know — today’s new acquaintance can be tomorrow’s new business associate or mentor!

Looking for Recruiting Assistance From a Transparent Industry Leader?

With over 20 years of experience in recruiting, and recognized as one of Forbes America’s Best Recruiting Firms 2020, Goodwin Recruiting has coached countless candidates to great jobs through transparent communication and by helping them to be the best. We believe in setting clear expectations for all, nurturing solid, congruent relationships with our clients and candidates.