The Value in Adjusting Your Job Search Expectations

Job Search

The Coronavirus pandemic can be viewed in two ways: either as the worst thing that has happened to us or as a great opening. For those seeking an opportunity, this period can be a time to reinvent themselves or to learn a new skill. This is a great moment to assess one’s priorities and focus on the things about work that brought happiness and look for those activities again. When life stabilizes, and we look back, do we want to remember this period as one of anxiety and stress or as one of excitement, chance, and reinvention? Job seekers who take advantage of this occasion during the job search may fare better in the process as opposed to those who are looking to replicate exactly what they lost.

Flexibility Is Key in Your Job Search

A candidate voluntarily left his job nearly a year ago, expecting that he would easily find a new position. Initially, he applied to the jobs he wanted, but he was very particular about the roles and the benefits that he was looking for. He was trying to replicate precisely the job that he had left: the same salary and benefits package, the same geographic location of the previous position, and an identical job title. He is currently still looking for work. Recently, a new candidate who was laid off due to Coronavirus started his job search, and he wants to find an identical replacement for the role that he lost. He has a strong resume with excellent career progression and tenure, but there are now over 40 million people out of work. Being flexible about what he wants will help him have more options.

Utilize All Avenues in Your Job Search

At the beginning of 2019, 20% of job searches took an average of 27 weeks to complete, and researchers posited that those with more realistic job expectations were more successful in their process. Now, it could be a longer time, so it’s essential to utilize all avenues in looking for work: networking, a recruiter, responding to ads, and getting a referral from someone who works at the company. The person looking for work should make a job search their full-time job. This is not to say that a candidate must settle for a job that they are not excited about. Rather, they need to assess what is important about their relationship with work, be it status, work-life balance, salary, passion, company culture, or autonomy. Although being without work is daunting and can feel overwhelming, it is also an opportunity to recreate oneself or pursue a new direction. Take the time to figure out on a broader level what was unsatisfying about the previous job and focus on what you really want or how much money you truly need. Get help from your family to align your priorities.

Be Realistic During Your Job Search

When looking for work, candidates often have salary expectations based on their experience and level of education. Before Coronavirus, it might have been reasonable to aspire to match the salary that you had previously made. But with so many people looking for work and with companies lowering what they are willing to pay, it may be necessary to adjust one’s expectations. In a 2019 study, real salaries for college graduates were lower than their expectations, and that may be truer for the foreseeable future for all job seekers. This is an excellent opportunity to assess one’s financial wants and needs honestly.

Seek Assistance From Industry Experts During Your Job Search

Ultimately, looking for work is a highly personal and humbling undertaking. It is critical to keep calm and not project desperation. If the process is not going as the candidate wants, then they should consider getting assistance from a variety of sources. Resume writers can help get the candidate’s resume to stand out in a sea of other applications. A recruiter can be worthwhile if the candidate has not interviewed for a long time. The recruiter will help the candidate tailor their personal narrative to the points that a prospective employer needs to hear. Patience is key to finding a new job, but so is being able to accept help from those whose expertise is finding people work. Goodwin Recruiting has been helping candidates for over twenty years and has the knowhow that you may be seeking. In the end, if everything works out, there is not only a job offer but also a new set of skills or priorities for the candidate.