Check Off Your Bucket List From Home

bucket list

Whether or not you have a formal list on paper, we all have a bucket list. All of those things we want to learn and places we’ve never been may seem even further from reach right now. But, with a great deal of extra time on our hands currently and the need for some positive distraction in a world of crazy, this may be the ideal time to complete some of those bucket list desires – and you can do it from home!

No Passport Necessary — Take a Virtual Road Trip

Now is the time to travel without leaving the living room. Whether it’s a famous work of art you’ve always wanted to admire, visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World, going on safari, or perhaps a visit to a zoo or aquarium is more your speed, you are covered with a variety of online tours and trips at your disposal to start checking off your bucket list.

It’s Never Too Late to Learn to Cook

Following a recipe is one thing, but really mastering the art of cooking is quite another. If your bucket list looks like many others’, it’s time to hunker down in the kitchen and create a masterpiece! Baking the perfect pastry requires patience and precision, but it may not be as hard as you think. Getting to know your way around the kitchen and cooking like a boss should be on your bucket list, and there are a plethora of chefs offering free online tutorials to elevate your style from ho-hum to master chef.

Learning Never Ends

Each new day is a learning experience, and education is ongoing. But, what’s on your personal bucket list that you wish you would have learned, done, or experienced? Always wanted a Harvard education? Check! Have you dreamed of learning a new language but never had the time? Check!  Are you musically inclined but never took the time to learn to play an instrument? Check! Time is on your side right now, and there are plenty of avenues by which you can continue to learn and grow personally while gaining new skills.

Take Care of You

Most importantly, your personal bucket list should contain a few items that are all about you! Take time to reflect on the beautiful things in your life. Set aside a little time each day to meditate, gain perspective, and find your peaceful place. Be sure to get plenty of rest and relaxation during this stressful time. Visit the spa without leaving your home.

You Have the Time — Use It

Whatever items are on your bucket list whether it’s cooking, learning to play guitar, or starting a new career, now is the time to act. The adage, “Life is too short,” seems all too real in the face of our current situation, but that doesn’t mean we are incapable of utilizing this time for something positive and fulfilling. If you haven’t created a bucket list yet, this is an excellent time to make a list and start living it!

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