Understanding the Experience Needed to Land a Finance Director Job

Finance Director

Most finance and accounting professionals are naturally prudent. Reasonable, thoughtful planning is part of their daily work. So, when it comes to their own careers, they’re unlikely to make big moves without significant forethought. However, someone seeking a finance director job shouldn’t sell themselves short if they have the right experience and credentials.

Here’s a guide to help you if you are interested in a finance director job and objectively gauge your readiness.

3 Items You Need to Land a Finance Director Job

1. Education & Experience

Education level is a consideration that can lead job seekers to question their qualifications for any position. Prospective finance directors have some good news, however. While a minimal level of schooling is required, advanced degrees can sometimes be offset by job experience.

So, a candidate who only has a B.A. in accounting, finance, or economics may still be considered for a finance director job if they have a proven track record as a financial analyst, accountant, or security sales agent. They’ll also need five or more years of demonstrated success in management and leadership roles.

On the other hand, a candidate who has less experience may be considered if they have an MBA degree or CPA certification. They’ll still need at least two years of real-world work experience. However, companies are inclined to relax expectations in lieu of formal education.

In order to take the next step in your career, you’ll need to take a deep dive into your education and experience.

2. Career Trajectory

A generic path may start at the accountant or financial analyst level; then progress to a lead role or management position. Ultimately, most will serve as controllers before making their final transitions to finance directors.

3. Other Considerations

Anyone who aspires to be a finance director should prioritize working at a large corporation early in their career. The experience gained by joining a large finance team is invaluable. Also, positions at universally recognized companies give credibility to any resume.

On the other hand, a prospective finance director with marginal experience or education may find greater opportunity at a smaller company. They may be able to get their first finance director job and build their resume for future opportunity.

Are you looking for a Finance Director Job?

Many job seekers second-guess their qualifications when seeking bigger opportunities. The sentiment is perfectly natural. However, finance and accounting professionals should never let anxiety prevent them from achieving their goals. Ultimately, there are multiple paths to landing a finance director job!

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