Social Media Job Search Tips for Those Searching for Hotel Management Careers

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It’s no secret many hospitality companies rely on social media when recruiting for hotel management positions. But, candidates can also use these platforms when hunting for opportunities. Social media is a two-way street and is an effective tool for job seekers looking at hotel management careers.

Here Are the Most Effective Ways to Leverage Social Media Platforms in Your Hotel Management Job Search:


As the premier professional social network, LinkedIn isn’t as hip as Instagram or other newer social media platforms. However, it’s probably the most important tool for people seeking hotel management opportunities. LinkedIn is useful for both passive and active job-search activities.

Passive professionals can announce they’re on the job market through a simple adjustment in the profile settings. Once indicated, recruiters across the country will know they’re open to new opportunities. Candidates can then expect to receive direct messages from recruiters and hiring managers.

Active professionals can apply to roles directly through LinkedIn. Many will have “apply now” buttons that make the process quick and easy. Others may have an application link that requires further steps, like completing a traditional job application and/or submitting a résumé. More assertive hotel management candidates can even message hiring managers directly and ask about job openings.


The world’s biggest social media community has expanded far beyond the realm of hipsters and college students, yet, it’s still an underutilized resource for jobseekers. Savvy people have found work through word-of-mouth solicitation for hundreds of years. Facebook takes word-of-mouth to the next level!

People seeking hotel management careers should post their career objectives regularly on Facebook and ask for shares and likes. Even if there aren’t any opportunities within their network, a friend may share the post with someone who is seeking new workers. Job seekers can also search Facebook for posts advertising opportunities and try to secure warm introductions via mutual friends!


Creative hotel management candidates can really stand out by promoting their personal brand via Instagram. However, this is a long-term strategy that can’t be implemented overnight. Forward-thinking candidates, instead, craft their image through months and years of deliberate work.

Those seeking hotel management careers can build a personal brand by posting pictures and updates relating to hotel management functions. If they roll out a new cocktail hour event, for example, they can post an update on Instagram. Then, perhaps, she uploads another picture later in the week that highlights a remodeling project.

The ultimate objective of using Instagram is to create a personal hospitality brand that extends beyond one’s current employer. It’s not about what the company is doing but rather what the hotel manager is doing while employed for the company.

People who gain a significant following (also known as influencers) are likely to attract the attention of other industry leaders. In theory, a hospitality influencer may ultimately attract lucrative job offers with no outbound solicitation whatsoever!


When searching for a new job, it’s always smart to cast a wide net. The job market is strong, and hotel management positions are certainly out there. But candidates must still grab the attention of hiring managers and recruiters in order to secure interviews. Social media is a great way to catch a break!

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